Sunday, July 02, 2017

Family are Friends

You know my favorite way to document video footage is with a music video and my favorite place to get video footage is on vacation, so here's my latest creation:


LC said...

Way cute! I liked the part where Jeff is rocking with Jonah on the playground and the song says "I'm still hardcore like I was before" hahaha

Kim said...

So glad you captured Eli practicing with the boogie board on the sidewalk because it was so cute watching him. And then you captured him with it in action in the waves. Nice!

Lincoln playing horsey on his grandpa's leg, Carson playing guitar with his grandpa and your family pedaling by on the big beach bike were some highlights for me.

Great job on yet another music video. You're a pro at making them!!

Rebecca said...

Love this! Who knew you'd have such a talent for making music videos?!