Sunday, July 16, 2017


It seems no matter where I try to escape, this is the scene that inevitably finds me. 
A mass tumbleweed of boy. Constantly rolling, bouncing, tangling, and darting about with the same disregard as a loose bush being thrown with the wind. Pray for my mom's house and for the bones of my children.

I repeat. Prayers are in order. 
I don't know how many times I have to tell you. My mom's clean, dent-free, perfectly white walls are begging you to give them a little back up.
I'm sure there are calm, peaceful, quiet ways to get through the summer months, but those methods we know not. Riding bikes in the house with pet reptiles painted on us? Mimicking crash test dummies on toy shopping carts? Chasing each other around the house with guns? This is how we do summer. 
All of that sprinkled with accents of fire. I'm talkin' fireworks and I'm talkin' our favorite 3rd of July tradition.
We shared the experience with our friends the Wrights this year. To answer your question, yes they have 4 girls and yes we took these pictures for future wedding slideshows.

Lincoln relentlessly insisted we participate in the glow stick accessorizing.
Jonah's first fireworks experience. He stayed awake for the main event and was completely unamused.

The morning after fireworks was sleepy and snuggly.

In an effort to acquire a little more of that quiet I hear moms of girls talk so much about, I finally got the boys their very own library cards.
And this little smarty-pants-reader graduated from the Upstart program!
Eli goes through phases of being highly motivated and angelic. It was in one of those phases he created this daily to-do list that melted my heart.
The boys are currently in summer recreation classes (archery and kids kamp) which has been a good outlet for their rough-and-tumble. We've been filling up all the extra summertime space with cousin play dates.

What are we, like halfway done with summer? I think we can. I think we can. I think we can.

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Kim said...

Playing matchmaker with the Wrights's girls. Laughed at "yes we took these pictures for future wedding slideshows." I'm glad you posted photos of the fireworks show so we could live it vicariously through you. Looked like fun as usual.