Sunday, April 15, 2018

A Whale of a Year

Our baby turned ONE!
And let me just say. It's a good thing these monthly shots are now behind us because it was becoming nearly impossible to get this wiggle monkey to sit still. 
I did a thing. 
And yeah, Jonah. I get it. You're definitely going to hate me one day for exploiting your name for a birthday theme, but when whales are trendy and your name is Jonah, a mom just can't say no to that. So I apologize. And I acknowledge you're going to hear an abundance of whale jokes through the following years. And I'm sorry that your own mother was the one who kicked off the over-usage of big fish in your life. But I dare you to tell me what I've done with it isn't adorable.

Not keeping with the big fish theme, we went to see baby animals. Close, but also not. 
We went to Cross E Ranch and it was cute!

I can't confirm that we killed any of the baby chicks, but I can confirm there were a few baby animals that seemed to drift off into a daze while in the tight grasp of my children's...loving...hands. Only to then be promptly dropped from treacherous heights the minute my children lost interest in them.
The bouncing birthday boy. 

The Excell group was having a "hay" day, but Brightly was ready to hit the hay, and she wanted Teresa to know it!
Jonah really took to the farm life. 

The benefit of being baby #4 is your mom has improved her cake decorating skills over the years prior to your birth. Jonah's cake is one of my favorites I've made!
When Carson saw the finished cake, he said, "Now Jonah gets to eat the whale!!" Ha!
Lincoln took full advantage of all the frosting supplies as soon as I was done with them. 

The Bess Bunch came over to help us eat the cake. Trouble is, none of us actually like cake, but the ice cream we served with the cake was really good! 

Happy Birthday to our one-year-old!

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Kim said...

Lincoln licking the frosting spoon and Jonah with the piece of straw in his mouth were some of my favorites—along with the photos of the adorable birthday cake.