Sunday, April 15, 2018

March Madness

Before I lose you, this post has nothing to do with basketball other than the fact that I am living with a basketball team's worth of boys and it's constant madness. 

On one particularly rough day, I decided to make pizza for dinner in an effort to keep everyone busy an happy through the evening. 
It worked! The older boys insisted they knew how to make pizza themselves and they did a fabulous job! Eli was our cheese grater and Carson spread the sauce. While they were busy working, they proudly came to the realization, "Mom, if we do all the work for you, you don't even have to do anything! You can just sit back and relax!" It was so nice to have my first home cooked meal from my boys. This kid thing is finally starting to pay off! :)

We made a ranch/buffalo chicken pizza and it was borderline gourmet.
Chicken fight!
To answer your question, yes. Lincoln is still up to no good.

The morning carpool spotters. 
We spent a few days watching Helen after Celeste had her baby. I had the great pleasure of doing Helen's hair one day which was a great reminder of why I have reason to be grateful for four boys.
Especially on Sundays!
I mean. Can you even imagine having to do FOUR girls' heads of hair in time for church on Sunday?!? The Wrights can!
More Lincoln mischief. Putting the DOH! in Play-Doh.
Carson was so sweet one Sunday to draw The Book of ... wait a minute...
Perhaps the most significant milestone of Jonah's 11th month of life is that he got his first taste of Nutella. 
 Jonah has grown obsessed with putting himself in containers. Probably stems from that month Carson repeatedly threw him in boxed items. One day I kept losing Jonah and every time I went to look for him, this is how I would find him.
He's really good not to put Legos in his mouth, so don't be alarmed. Though you should be alarmed by how good of a throw he has, as he's constantly practicing with handfuls of Legos.
Looks like #4 isn't going to give me much of a mischief break between him and Lincoln!
Stay my sweet baby a little longer, Jo Jo!

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Kim said...

Way too many funnies in this one—love your sense of humor and how you word things, especially in regards to your life with all boys. Love it! Love them! Love you!!