Monday, October 20, 2008

A Weekend in Southern Utah

Working at Abbey Inn, I hear a lot of reasons why people decide to come to Cedar City, Utah. If it's not for SUU football games, the Shakespearean Festival, or a family reunion, it's definitely for the National Parks. Travelers from Germany, Israel, England and Canada make their stop in Cedar City as a nice central location to Bryce and Zion. As each one of them asks me which park I like better, and how many times a year I go to each park, I usually put my head down in embarrassment as they realize I have only been to Zion once and never to Bryce. So finally, on Saturday, Jeff and I were able to get a weekend together and see the beauties of Bryce Canyon! We went with Jeff's parents. Jeff's dad gives tours at Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park, so we even had our own personal tour guide.


Cade & Leslie said...

one word.


The Stevens Family said...

Sarah i'm so glad that u finally made it to Bryce! And now the people at the Abbey will be more satisfied cuz you know how hard that is... :) they really do give a guilt trip when the front desk can't give them the answer they want... You guys look so cute in the pics too!