Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who says you can't teach an old fish new tricks?

Have you ever seen a fish play dead? Ours does. Every time I look at Billy he is lounging in the leaves or lying wedged between the rocks. Motionless. Looking EXACTLY like our beloved first when his time came. I see him there, gasp and tell Jeff to grab the net and lift the toilet lid, then next thing I know he's swimming around again. I did not really expect fish to have personalities, but this has proved me wrong. Billy is tired, old, and lazy all the time. I miss Hank.

I never understood why I have to buy a membership to be able to shop somewhere, but as of yesterday we are now officially Costco members! Yeah, yeah, there are only two of us, but those rolls are totally worth the $50.00 membership fee. And I chew enough gum to make buying in bulk worth it. It has always been Jeff's dream to be one of the elite Costco card carriers, so we decided to make it happen.

I was just telling my mom the other day that I need a _________ of the week. My Dad does a quote of the week, my brother-in-law does a picture of the week, and I have been wanting a _______ of the week for a while. My first thought was YouTube video of the week, then I thought maybe funny advertisement of the week. My brother Jacob adds funny lines of what his kids say, so since I don't have kids, maybe I could do Tyraisms or Billyisms instead. Any suggestions?


The Stevens Family said...

Billy sure is a cute ole' lazy fish! I definitely thing a billyism or even a jeffism of the week would be great to read!:) lol

Rebecca said...

How about a Costco Deal Of The Week? Maybe it would convince me and Dallas to get a membership.

Kim said...

Perhaps you could have a Greatest Work Moment of the Week or Best Home-Cooked Meal of the Week that doesn't come out of a box because you always told me they don't count.