Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Staying Positive

Sometimes I can be easily irritated. My family would probably say that is an understatement, but we'll leave it as it is. It always helps me to vent, but due to a recent article in the Ensign on "Better Blogging," I'll take their advice and..."be positive" about my recent irritations:

Irritation: Our toilet has decided it does not need to flush anymore. Instead, it will fill up with water and slowly drain. Our bathroom routine now includes plunging the toilet every time after we go.

Be Positive: On Friday when a woman from New York called the front desk because her toilet was not flushing, I was her skilled plumber.

Irritation: I may or may not have purposely cleared my schedule this semester for the 12:00 Tyra Banks Show only to discover she just switched to 3:00.

Be Positive: Instead of deadening my brain in that hour, I can use it to do homework. Or maybe even clean the house.

Irritation: We live above a barber. She does perms. It stinks.

Be Positive: When she is sick, not only do we not have to smell perms, but we also get to read the detailed reasons of why she is not at work with notes on her door like, "My basement flooded last night. I will be back as soon as we get it fixed." "I have an ear infection today. Gone to the doctor. Be back tomorrow." It makes every perm she does worth it.

Irritation: I got a 48% on a test.

Be Positive: I made everyone else happy because at least they didn't have the low in the class.

Irritation: No matter how many times we go grocery shopping, it still feels like we don't have any food.

Be Positive: This has resulted in a lot of pizza nights.


Rebecca said...

A 48%? I'd say you need to use your Tyra hour to study!

Kim said...

I guess we will think twice about stopping by to visit you on our way to or from Vegas--or at least make our pit stop at a gas station before stopping at your home for a visit.

Cade and Leslie said...

oh sarah, this is a cute blog post. i feel your irritation about the grocery issue. i feel like we never have food. however, my conclusion is less positive, it results in too much taco bell.

also, tyra's new time IS inconvinient. i'm a much more productive individual this fall.

Annalies said...

haha I love that you like Tyra show...enough to plan your school schedule around it. Funny post.

David and Mary said...

Funny Sarah... I am glad I didn't make the list. :)

The Stevens Family said...

haha! I love it! Good job on being positive!

Kenzman said...

Sarah! You always have been a very positive person. I've always admired that about you. I hope that it's something you never lose!