Thursday, December 10, 2009

Second Trimester!

Today marks the official first day of my second trimester!

As I was sitting in class the other day in a desk like this:

I looked down and realized those desks were not designed with a pregnant woman in mind. Let's hope I figure out a way to squish myself in there at 8 months.

I went to the doctor a few hours ago and got to hear the baby's heartbeat again. I am always so in awe by the heartbeat that I can never remember what they tell me the baby's heart rate is. So when my doctor came in, I asked him if he could remind me what the heart rate from the first appointment was and then the heart rate just barely. To which he said, "Sarah, you can't tell the baby's gender by the heart rate." He knew just what I was up to.

But for what it's worth-it was 180 at 10 weeks and 162 at 14. 140 and above is said to be a girl. We'll see if the old wives' tales are right.

The doctor also told me not to worry about the whole lunch meat thing. He said there has been no real research done on it and he's never seen a baby born with listeria. Good thing, too. I broke down and ate a Subway sandwich right before my appointment.

Also, I fell yesterday. I was on my walk and i saw a little patch of ice but I thought to myself, "That doesn't look too bad. I'll just step on it and then hurry and step onto the non-icy part." Unfortunately, the icy part was on a slight downhill slope, causing my foot to quickly slide down it before I even realized what had happened. I awkwardly started laughing, because if anyone saw me fall, I guess that was my way of letting them know I was okay. I tried to get up really fast, but my legs kept slipping. Lucky I didn't hurt anything. I think I fell pretty gracefully because somehow my pants managed not to get wet but the sweatshirt sleeve I caught myself with did. The the rest of my walk home, I felt like everyone I passed had seen me fall. It was really embarrassing. But at least it wasn't caught on camera, right?


Kim said...

I'm glad you're okay. Just don't fall at the very end of your pregnancy and have to go get checked out by the doctor like your sister did. Also, I'm wondering if what your doctor said about listeria has now convinced your overly-paranoid sister that she can eat lunch meat next time she's pregnant.

As for the school desks--I guess you'll just have to sit sideways in them. There's one thing you'll for sure fit into in your late stage of pregnancy--your graduation gown.

Ben, Tana, B.A., and Dirk said...

I was walking with my sister-in-law when she was full term and ready to have the baby, she fell right on her stomach. She went into labour 5 hours later, I thought my brother was going to maim me but she said next time she if full term she might have someone push her on her stomach to start labour.

Cade and Leslie said...

I saw a pregnant woman try to squeeze into a desk the other day. It was not graceful.

Also, I am excited to hear about your appointment/rub your belly this upcoming week.


David and Mary said...

That wives tail is just that. You are having a boy!!!! Glad you landed in a good spot. D

jlthomas said...

Congratulations, the 2nd trimester is great! And hooray for pregnant people and deli meat, I had schlotzkys last week, yum!