Friday, December 04, 2009

Studious Sarah

If the class average on a test was 94%, can I still be proud of myself for getting 100%?

It's finals week next week! Weirdly enough, I have been focused, ambitious, organized, and found time to clean the house! Usually I clean the house finals week to put off studying, but this semester I cleaned because all my work is done! Who am I becoming? And why is this just starting to happen my last year of college?!?

Also-for the moms out there-when did you consider your first trimester over? I am 13 weeks and 1 day today. I read on that it's the first day of your 14th week, and I was wondering if that means today or next week when I am 14 weeks. Because I am now in my 14th week. It's just all really confusing. But I want to celebrate. And I have to start sleeping on my left side. So let me know! Thanks.


Rebecca said...

You're becoming responsible because you're going to be a mom!

I considered the first trimester over when I was 14 weeks along. I say you still have six days to go, so you better not start sleeping on your left side yet; it could seriously harm the baby.

And yes, be proud of that 100%! Has the Amp commercial debuted yet?

Rebecca said...

I forgot to say this. I opened up your blog and Brooke was right by me.

She said, "Oh! Sarah and Abe."

I said, "No. Who's this (pointing to Jeff)?"


"No, try again."


"No. It's Jeff!"

"Oh! Jabe!"

"No, Jeff!"

"Oh. Why?"

I guess someone's still confused about the nuptials that took place nearly a year and a half ago.

Rebecca said...

The story continues.

I clicked out of making my comment and Brooke saw your blog again.

She slowly said, "Aaaaaabe and Sarah!"

sarah said...

My teammates have seen the Amp commercial and they love it. And then I offered to help with other parts of the project and everyone's like, "oh no, don't worry about that, you've already done a lot." So thanks to Dallas, I am now off the hook in that class!

Your Brooke story made me laugh. I don't feel like she calls Jeff Abe when she sees him in person. My favorite parts are, "Oh. Why?" And "Aaaaaaaaabe and Sarah."

Kim said...

I think I'm more impressed that you willingly cleaned your house. But, good job on your grade, too. And I hope we can expect to see your excellent Amp commercial soon and that it receives the same high grade.