Thursday, October 13, 2011

Milk's Favorite Cookie

I am all for clever advertising. I mean, I'm a marketing major for Pete's sake. I enjoy a fresh way to promote a product, but this is just cruel:
Please tell me our Wal-Mart isn't the only one torturing its milk drinkers.

Mind you, I don't even like Oreos that much. But if I do eat them, I eat them dipped in milk.

When I first saw Oreo's new strategic marketing partner, I smiled and commended them for their cleverness. And then I proudly passed by the Oreos, withstanding temptation. 

A weird part of me feels that if my marketing education has taught me nothing more, it has at least taught me to recognize a marketing booby trap when I see one. Thank heavens I am educated enough to recognize my sudden Oreo craving was nothing more than the skilled game of advertisers pulling at my stomach strings. Otherwise they may have gotten me. 

I told myself all the way home that I was smarter than those pesky Oreo people infesting my milk. I'd simply tear the bottom part of the label off and all thoughts of that heavenly sandwich cookie would be forgotten. Surely they would at least leave a serrated edge to save America from weeks of cookie craving torment.

The advertising world is a crueler place than I thought it was. 

And of course when your husband comes home to the tauntingly realistic picture of a beautiful Oreo splashing into ice cold milk he has to go to the store to indulge his cravings. And of course you can't stop him. Because even though you withstood the temptation at the store, you're not going to stand in the way of someone handing the temptation to you. 

And that's how we bought Oreos for the first time in our whole marriage. And that's why we're cursing Great Value for allowing such a ploy to taunt their customers. And that's what caused this chocolate bearded baby to visit our house this afternoon.


Kim said...

Don't let your sister get a look at this carton. She is already hooked on the Oreo/milk combo. She might just think it should become a meal instead of just a snack.

David and Mary said...

He is sure a cute chocolate bearded baby!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness. cutest oreo ad ever.

Laura and Ben said...

We bought oreos for the kids once and they didn't like them. I thought that was strange. What kid doesn't like an oreo? I'm glad Eli is a normal, chocolate bearded kid!