Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rhyme and Reason

Man, that kid of mine can keep me busy.
His messes are big, his fits are hissy.
He has four teeth and he uses them well.
His diapers greet me with a rancid smell.
Most of his meals end up launched on the floor.
But don't judge him yet without reading more.
Cause his kisses are sweet and genuine.
He can melt your heart with one dimply grin.
We make fools of ourselves to hear him laugh.
He's a splish-splashing show off in the bath.
Often he's babbling while "reading" his books.
He sleeps so sweetly, we sneak many looks.
So on the crazy days when things get rough,
And I'm ready to say, "One is enough!"
I notice my belly -- how much it grew.
To accommodate baby number two.
I guess I'll deal with the fits and messes,
Cause it means more smiles, hugs and kisses.
April 17th is baby's due day.
(Barely after tax season by the way.)
We've been to the doctor and all is well,
We can't wait to meet the newest Excell!


Rebecca said...

Oh yeah, your belly is really swelling to accommodate baby #2. Need I remind you of THIS or how about THIS?!

Rebecca said...

By the way, cute announcement.

Klarissa said...

Cute poem! Can't wait to meet Ela or Eli Junior next year!

CandL said...

Sweet. I love this!!! Im so excited about little leslie jr.

Kim said...

Hey, wait... Are you having TWINS??!!?? There are two pictures and I know you were convinced there are two in there. Ha ha!

Very, very cute poem! Great announcement. Eli makes an adorable big brother.

Anonymous said...

I am way too excited to see another little one in your family

Ben, Tana, B.A., and Dirk said...

Cute poem. The real question is. . . Will you cry if it is a boy?

Eric and Justine said...

oh my gosh! congrats! I'm only a week behind you :)

MelissaJoy said...

super cute announcement! Love!

Kenzman said...

Leslie Jr?! Whhhhhhaaaaaat!? Back up girlfriend. You know I got dibbs.

Katie Perkes said...

oh my GOSH. i am so excited for you! YAY for babies!