Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Doughnuts and Sweatpants

Once upon a Valentine's Day I woke up and realized I needed to pick something up from the store. Seeing as it was a holiday, I wanted to treat myself with a trip to Target instead of my regular Wal-Mart. And then I ended up buying way more than I ever intended. And then Old Navy was right across the street so I just made a shopping day out of it!

Let's blame Jeff for my shopping excursion. Because I'm sure if he hadn't have made me that delicious Valentine's Day pancake breakfast I wouldn't have had all that energy to spend my morning shopping.
I celebrated the true meaning of love by watching "The Bachelor" as I made heart-shaped breadsticks for dinner while Eli was down for his nap.
Jeff and I told each other we weren't going to exchange gifts for Valentine's Day. Well, Jeff's been telling me about how he needs some new sweatpants for the last two months and I figured V-day was the perfect day to surprise him with a brand new pair of sweats. Then he surprised me by walking in the door after work with a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Ahhhh. He sure knows the way to his pregnant wife's heart.
We had a romantic dinner.
I was sporting my new shirt and Eli was being adorable for the occasion.
Eli continued in his cuteness by saying, "Cheese!" whenever I pointed the camera at him.
Then he danced.
And here I am being 31 weeks pregnant.
The doughnuts are leaving their mark.


Rebecca said...

Love the pretzel hearts. And I'm pretty sure I've made that asparagus meal.

Laura and Ben said...

You look so cute. I think your dinner looks yummy. Glad you have a fun day!

CandL said...

i love it. all of it. but i just laughed so hard out loud at the last part "the doughnuts are leaving their mark"
you look great.

Kim said...

Bachelor made me laugh. LOVE the pretzel hearts so much.

jlthomas said...

The breadsticks are so cute and look so yummy! Is it another Mel recipe?

And you look great! Every pregnant women deserves doughnuts :)

Susan said...

Sarah, You have always been an adorable pregnant girl. Your baby bump is looking tiny for 31 weeks. You don't have too much longer, though. I can't wait to see how Eli is going to be with his new brother.