Friday, February 03, 2012

As the Belly Grows

We hadn't bought anything for #2. And we really didn't need to. But I figured we should at least get one new thing just for him so his whole life isn't one of hand-me-downs. A quick trip to Kohl's provided baby's coming-home-from-the-hospital outfit and I can't stop staring at the tininess of it.
I keep putting Eli's clothes next to baby's new outfit to envision just how little the new baby is going to be. Then I hyperventilate because I realize how much I've forgotten about fragile little newborns.

As if my squirming belly isn't enough of a reminder of the quickly approaching addition to our lives, #2's outfit staring at me the last couple of days gave me that familiar, urgent feeling to get our house cleaned and in order before April. So the baseboards and walls were scrubbed today. They weren't even dirty. The garage also got organized...for the third time this pregnancy. Nesting is a funny thing that kind of turns me into a crazy person.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was constantly overwhelmed at the thought of having two kids. To reassure myself I'd think, It's okay. Eli will be nine months older by the time the second one comes. He'll be so much more behaved...

Well. My nine months of Eli becoming more behaved are almost up and I'm more overwhelmed than ever. I foresee many timeouts for hitting and stealing toys in my toddler's future, but I also foresee Eli being a sweet big brother after we get adjusted.

29 weeks and counting. I hope the new little guy stays put until April 15th and then I can't wait to meet him!


Rebecca said...

As Eli would say, "Oh my!" The adorableness of the outfit is overwhelming.

Have you bought newborn diapers yet? The tininess of those always shocks me.

Klarissa said...

Did you get Eli the matching outfit in his size? This is totally turning into the "Eli blog" :)

CandL said...

That outfit is so cute. I was just going through and organizing izzys retired clothes I couldnt get over how teeny the bums were on all her tiniest clothes. I cant wait till baby excell makes his appearance! (after the busy season:)

Kim said...

Love the last line. I am hoping for that as well.

And I'm surprised you didn't just plan for me to do your spring cleaning for you right after you deliver the baby while you sit on the couch holding the baby and expecting me to do all your work for you.

Laura and Ben said...

Of course every child needs a new outfit (at least one) It's really cute.