Monday, June 25, 2012

Guest Room Remodel

Through a series of small miracles, we've started putting together our guest bedroom. To be honest, I didn't really think our "guest bedroom" would really ever have more than an air mattress in it. Then my mom happened to be trying to rid her basement of a double bed and with my sister's recent move we also happened to have access to a moving truck to haul the bed up to our house. With a mattress in the room and guests planning on using it over Carson's blessing weekend, I found a super cute bedspread that arrived just in the nick of time. Then as soon as the bedspread was on the bed, my mind started racing with decorating ideas.
So there you have it. The background to our spontaneous remodel. These first two are the befores.
Jeff is so good at capturing my design visions and carrying them out for me. He's quite the handyman.

Jeff was a champ and got this whole project done in one day.
The finished product! I love, love, love it! This room is really small so I had a hard time getting a good picture to capture the beautifulness of it, but here are my attempts:
(We're going to paint the other walls grey. Another project for another day. We're also debating adding a ledge or more of a finish to the top of the white part. Yes? No?)

Jeff's also slowly working on the bathroom attached to this room. Pretty soon we'll be running the Excell Hotel. Hey. That kinda has a ring to it.


Rebecca said...

Why do you keep improving your house right AFTER I've been there forcing me to have to visit again?

Also, why aren't you using your creative juices to decorate my house?!

MelissaJoy said...

Yes put up a shelve along the edge. The green up top is cute but kinda overwhelming and could use some scenic pictures

Kenzman said...

So rebecca's shrine is no longer huh!? Lets all have a moment of silence.

Now that thats over. I LOVE IT! Sar what an inspiration!!

Laura said...

It looks so good. Glad that we could be the first guests in the "Excell" Hotel!! We look forward to many more visits!

Kim said...

I laughed so loud over the moment of silence for Rebecca's shrine that is no longer. So funny!!

You've got a great thing going, Sarah. Way to go, Jeff, for carrying out Sarah's creative vision. I think a shelf would be great. I love watching the creative juices flow!!

David and Mary said...

Love it... I like the idea of the shelf. Book our reservations for the end of July!

Eric and Justine said...

I love that you aren't afraid of being creative and using color.

Leslie Christensen said...

i'm loving it! you're so good aboout before/during/after pics!

jlthomas said...

Love it! Why did I not go downstairs during carson's baby blessing!