Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Doctor, Doctor

Taking two kids to the doctor all by myself this morning was super fun. Let me tell you. Between Eli's nonstop attempts to run out the door and Carson being woken up right after he dozed off, I had two very happy boys on my hands. Not.
Eli's so funny at the doctor. Ever since he was about 9-months old, he sits perfectly still while the doctor looks at him. The only thing he'll move are his eyes to intently track each move the doctor makes. It sends me into hysterical laughter every time.

Today the doctor was asking Eli his body parts. True to Eli's motionless-during-the-exam personality, Eli only slightly wiggled whatever body part the doctor asked him to point to.

Doctor: "Eli, can you show me where your toes are?!?"
Eli hesitantly wiggled his big toe while keeping his eyes glued to the doctor.
Doctor: "Eli, where is your tummy?"
Eli, while fighting back a smile, glanced down at his stomach for half of a second and then continued in his stare down.
Doctor: "Eli, do you know where your eyes are?"
Eli then did my favorite thing he does right now. He consciously blinked his eyes. Which involves his eyes staying closed for an unnatural amount of time and then when he opens his eyes, all you see are the whites of his eyes because he's rolling his eyes around in his head like so:


Eli freaked the doctor out with his zombie impersonating. I freaked the doctor out with my overreactive laughter. Luckily Carson kept his cool and made a pretty decent impression. Thanks for giving us a good name, Carson.

Anyway, the real reason for this post was to document the kiddos' stats. Here are Eli's two-year stats:
Weight - 30 pounds - 75%
Height - 34.5 inches - 46%
BMI - 17.96 - 83%
Head Circumference - 19.25 - 53%

Here are Carson's 2-month stats:
Weight - 13 pounds 11 ounces - 80%
Height - 24 inches - 75%
Head Circumference - 16.5 - 83%

The doctor gave me tips on potty training Eli -- including putting him on the toilet backwards and lots of Skittles. Sounds fool proof to me. Talking to the doctor gave me a surge of toilet training energy. I've suddenly found myself on the verge of buying a few potty training books for Eli to prep him for his next milestone.

(Cue inspirational potty training success stories, reassurance and encouragement.


Rebecca said...

I can't imagine Eli potty training. I say hurry up with it already because I'm sure that experience will provide a lot of good stories for the blog!

Kim said...

So glad Eli made a good impression on the doctor...??!!?? I think all of us can vouch that he's a mover and a talker and a smart little kid (and very cute, too).

The Stevens Family said...

Potty training isn't hard if you let him do it on his own... Dawson would randomly go when he wanted to, but then one day walking through walmart Dawson said he wanted a bike. My response, "k- go potty like a big boy you can have a bike." So we made a sticker chart, he picked out stickers, and at the end of the sticker trail we had a picture of his bike. Needless to say, within a week he had his bike because he decided a bike was worth it. It was awesome. I do nothing but wipe his bum for stinkies...that's what I call potty training success! :-) good luck!

Leslie Christensen said...

i laughed at that video. so funny. i miss eli.
you will be a potty training pro. plus, eli can be bribed with treats. i feel like izzy will do well with the potty training thing because she is completely popsicle motivated.
izzy is the same size as eli. except taller. and add an extra pound. hahaha.
love you guys.