Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two Months Old

Carson is a two-month old! Time is flying. Here are a few things about Carson:
  • His schedule is getting a little more predictable and he's finally starting to take a couple longer naps during the day. 
  • He spits up a ton, but he makes up for it with his smiles. He is such a smiley boy. 
  • He's been sleeping a good 5-7 hour chunk each night.
  • He didn't make a peep in the car when we went on our trip to Cedar City.
  • He loves to watch Eli. Eli can get the biggest smiles out of him. 
  • He loves baths now and is starting to splash.
  • He is happiest when he first wakes up in the morning. He smiles and coos for the first hour he's awake every morning...even if it's at 5:00 am that he decides to be up for the day.
  • He loves to be swaddled but is still undecided about his binky.
  • He just started wearing size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes.
  • He wakes up very easily and as soon as he's awake, he's wide awake. The nurses at the hospital actually commented on how funny it was that he'd be dead asleep and then suddenly be wide awake and ready to eat in the blink of an eye. I didn't really understand what they meant at the time, but now that I've watched him more I've noticed how immediately alert he is after being asleep.
  • He can usually only handle about an hour of awake time and then he starts getting crabby and wants to be swaddled and put back to sleep.
  • His build is not quite as tank-ish as Eli's so we predict Carson will be our tall, skinny boy.
  • He rolled from his belly to his back one time at six weeks old but I'm still counting it even if it only happened because he lost balance.
  • A certain father who shall not be named thought Carson needed to have a tiny taste of pickle juice last week. Carson was not a fan. And neither was I.

Carson is a joy! It's fun to already see the differences and similarities between him and Eli. I love watching him grow into a chubby, cuddly, interactive little baby.


Rebecca said...

Those pictures are so cute. I love the one of Eli holding him in his bouncer. He looks so unamused.

Kim said...

My how Eli fills out that baby bouncer. I remember when he was as small as Carson. How quickly these babies grow up! My favorite thing in this post was the word "tank-ish" to describe Eli's build. Funny--but true.