Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dreaming of Summer

Remember last year how I went on a walk almost every day from November - March which led me right back into the beautiful spring weather? Remember how Jeff longed to shovel snow for the first time at his very own house, but the weather never provided that opportunity for him? Remember how I was loving the idea of global warming if it meant I didn't have to deal with snow for the rest of my life?

Global warming is a lie. A big. Fat. Lie.
No walks for us this winter. Or maybe ever again.
Because it will probably take two years for the two feet of snow that plopped onto our neighborhood to melt. The snow plows conveniently decided to call our neighborhood a lost cause and barely even bothered to plow. I don't even dare venture to go outside for the mail anymore. I have come to learn about myself that I completely hate the snow. Other than to look at, but I really only like looking at it on Christmas day. Other than that it should go ahead and melt and turn into spring.
Even though I've tried to convince Eli the snow is horrible and awful, he still found joy in our winter wonderland.
And let's face it, I'll have to give the snow a big, "Thank you!" for setting this scene for an adorable wintery photo shoot of my snow bunny.
Rosy cheeks. Always in the winter.
Jeff got his fill of shoveling. Four times in one day.
Trying to be artsy on Instagram:
As if the ever present snow wasn't enough motivation to stay inside, the icicle/death traps all along our roof have secured my spot next to the fireplace for the next four months.
Snow. Snow. Snow. If you weren't so pretty I would hate you even more than I already do.
Can someone bring me a hot chocolate? Thanks.

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Rebecca said...

Love the incorporation of "death traps". Well done.