Thursday, January 03, 2013

Life Savers...Literally

We got Eli Life Savers for Christmas. All week he has had the hardest time saying "Life Saver." He started by calling them "Light Sabers," and he's morphed the name of the candy each time he tries to say it. Then this happened:

Eli: "MAMA! I want the Save Neighbors Candy."
Me: "Save Neighbors Candy?!?"
Eli: "It saves neighbors when I suck on it."

Where did this kid come from?


Kenzman said...

He came from you and Jeff, Sarah. Only you guys could have a little one as hilarious as E!

Ps. I wanna see you.

Kim said...

It's always so funny to hear what is going on in a kid's brain. It's so thoughtful of Eli to think of saving the neighbors when he sucks on his candy.