Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How My Phone Sees It

I have a smorgasbord of pictures from my phone to share with you. True to phone photo dumps, these pictures are unrelated and not always the best quality. But I trust that you can deal with that.

This happened between Christmas and New Year:
More to come on that later (if we ever finish all my projects).

Gah. This picture makes me want to die. For two weeks I had what Jeff called, "Dangling Participles." A.k.a. my children. We were all sick and crabby and the kids were whining constantly, needing to be held nonstop and making faces like this at me all day long:
Luckily sickness has passed and my "participles" aren't quite as clingy.

Jeff's putting that new papa bear chair to work. Love this.
My mom bonded with Carson over Christmas break. She was always eager to hold him while he slurped down a bottle, though nobody wanted the spit-up king after he finished.
And you really don't want Mr. Spit-up right after he's been fed and spun around in circles several times. This may be his favorite thing, and I may have almost dropped him trying to capture that happy face on camera.
Here's another happy face! Eli's great at giving cheesy, fake smiles when I encourage him to look at the camera. I'll take it.
The lineup. Eli's loving all his new matchbox cars. (So am I!)
Trying to come up with ways to entertain the kids while we're cooped up all day avoiding the snow.
Yes, we're sitting on the floor in the kitchen. No, I don't remember why.
Carson had his Blue Steel face on.
Carson discovered our washing machine this month! He was hypnotized.
Eli still loves watching the clothes spin, too.
I think Eli and Carson look completely different, but everybody always tells me they look like twins. These next two pictures have me thinking everybody might be right. Behold the Excell cheese ball smile at its finest:

And finally, Eli "reading me the recipe" to sugar cookies (with a sneak peek of our new blue wall! Eeek).
(There's another new post below!)


Rebecca said...

Your dangling participles? I love it. I also need more of the blue wall! I'm dying to see it in all its glory.

Kim said...

Love the picture of Eli with his line-up of cars. It's so him!

LOVED the snow post. So funny!!! It is a good thing the snow is pretty or we would all go crazy! Especially this winter when the snow never melts because it never gets above freezing!

Rebecca, I have seen the blue wall--in person. You can too if you just make plans to go visit Sarah, Eli and Carson one day. Sounds like Sarah's plenty bored all stuck in her house to avoid the snow and could probably use a little company. That is if Spencer doesn't cringe at the thought of being close to a certain cousin that may like to pick on him.

skinners said...

Your boys are getting so big! Love the updates. Noticed the blue rug in your laundry room...was it made by Will's grandpa and given as a wedding gift? We have a matching one that has also found its home in the laundry room. :)

sarah said...

Marie - Yes! That is from Will's grandpa! It's the perfect size for a laundry room! I'm grateful for it every time I do laundry that I don't have to have my bare feet on the unfinished floors.

Eric and Justine said...

Yay for blue walls.
Love the pictures of you and your boys.