Sunday, February 10, 2013

Boys Rule

I have cute boy pictures to show you! Eli has turned into quite the artist lately. He discovered water colors one day while visiting the Golden family. They were such a hit, I decided it was time to purchase our first water color set.
One day I went into Carson's room to spy on him during one of his naps. He must have fallen asleep in the middle of his yoga workout.
Eli wore a bucket on his head for an entire day over Christmas break. He earned himself the nickname "Bucket Head." He continues to live up to his nickname:

I meant to buy Eli a nice train set for Christmas. I made the mistake of ordering his "big" Christmas train set online. When we got it, it was a little, dinky train set that held his interest for two minutes. I decided to make up for my Christmas mistake by buying Eli a real train set to get us through all these winter storms. He hasn't spoken to me since we got the train out of the packaging, he's been too busy playing. Success!
 Be prepared to be creeped out - One day last week I was getting ready to go to the store with the boys. I checked under Eli's bed moments before we left, looking for one of his shoes. We piled in the car and went to the store. When we got back, I was the first one in the house and I walked past Eli's room to find this:
What?? I started shaking and checking all the corners of our home for the intruder who busted into Eli's room clearly looking for the sack of hundred dollar bills he keeps hidden under his bed.

I asked Eli if he tipped the bed over and he calmly replied, "Yes. I was looking for my airplane." 

Can a toddler really flip a bed over? Not to mention flip it over without me hearing a sound? I have yet to find a logical explanation for this incident. Any insight would be appreciated. 

Moving on...I am so happy Carson fits in 12-month clothes because now I can finally buy him and Eli matching outfits!! I found some pajamas at Target, and couldn't resist buying them when I found a pair in each of their sizes. I'm a sucker for matching sibling outfits!

We have 1:00 church now, so Eli and I spend our mornings bonding and being cute.
This is what Eli does when he gets thirsty during prayers.
Carson in happier times. He and I have been sick for the past two weeks.
My kids don't wear clothes in the winter. Or ever. So what? Look at those thighs! They're so much easier to pinch when he's mostly in the nude.
Eli's friend has started coming to play with us a few times a week. Eli and him share a birthday, and they're cute little friends.
I think Carson was happy while I was taking this picture, but he looks a little angry/possessed to me now.
Here's our happy cheese ball. Cheese Ball is Carson's new nickname. We also call him "Giant Baby." Not because he's particularly large (which he is), but because when Eli's playing with his cars and Carson starts stealing them, I try to turn it into a game where Carson is the giant baby attacking the city. Eli never caught onto my game, and instead thought "Giant Baby" was another nickname for Mr. Cheese.
Pardon my instagram repeats. As I said there, "Not many people know that Carson is a snake charmer."
The boys are getting to a fun age where they are starting to actually enjoy each other! I love when they make each other laugh, or when they figure out a game they can both play. Here are some quick things they do with each other right now that I want to remember:

  • The moment Carson makes any kind of noise from his room after he's been down for a nap, Eli will look at me excitedly and scream, "CARSON'S AWAKE!!" Then he runs up to Carson's room, charges through the door and climbs into the crib with him. Both boys jump around and giggle for about ten minutes. 
  • Eli cannot leave Carson alone while Carson is eating. He has to be right next to him, particularly at dinner, touching all of his food. 
  • Their favorite games are peek-a-boo and chase. Eli chases Carson with various items, screaming like a wild man, and Carson thinks it's the funniest thing ever.
  • Eli always pats Carson on the back and calls him, "Cute little baby." It's so sweet.
  • Carson loves to crawl into Eli's bed with him while I read stories to Eli before his nap.
  • Carson has started fighting back. If Eli hits Carson, Carson flails his arms at Eli with a lot of force and a lot of anger. I fear the black eyes in our future.
  • Eli freaks out if Carson starts crawling up the stairs without me or Jeff right next to him.
  • Carson can say Eli's name better than Eli can. Eli still hasn't figured out there's an "l" in his name. Eli only calls Carson by his actual name when he's mad at him. Otherwise he calls him "Baby" or another nickname.
  • We had their carseats next to each other for a couple of days and they held hands most of the time we were in the car. 
  • Eli bites Carson's finger every time I leave them alone together for more than two minutes.

They are cute.


Rebecca said...

I love Mr. Bucket Head with the scripture case on his head...and the paci in his mouth.

I loved all the stories about what the boys are up to (and the story about the overturned bed which can only mean you have someone living in your crawl space as you've long suspected). They are cute kids.

Kim said...

My favorite is the one of Eli in the hamper with Carson looking in.

I loved reading what the boys like to do with each other. It's the next best thing to seeing them do those things in person.

Maybe some day we will be able to get together again. Everybody get well over in the Excell household!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it all. love the update! and love that they are so cute together. I've been babysitting a little boy next door and love how Sarah acts with him. I can only hope that will be the same whenever we have another little one....