Wednesday, February 27, 2013

For Love or Money

I have an inner battle going on. Here's how it started.

My sister told me she was planning to chop off all her hair. I gasped, "WHAT?!? Your long, beautiful hair that you just learned how to curl so perfectly? Why would you want to chop it all off?!?"

"I'm sick of it." She told me. "I'm always fighting against it when I'm holding my kids and it gets yanked on and I'm ready to donate it again."

We've done this before, you know. Maybe you don't know. But now you know we've donated our hair at the same time once before. Then we bonded when our creepy Locks of Love gratitude cards came in the mail.
I hung up the phone appalled for so many reasons. First, I couldn't believe she was going to chop her hair. Second, I couldn't believe she was going to do it WITHOUT ME!

She called me after it was done and told me how liberating it was to not have her hair constantly tangled in baby fingers. She told me she felt light and free.

The next week I noticed all the times Carson yanked on my hair. When I unsuspectingly found a short hairstyle I thought was adorable (ignore that Nicole Richie is the one sporting it):

I decided it was time to follow in my sister's footsteps and chop the required 10" off my hair for Locks of Love.

I hate my hair. I really do. I look like an Egyptian and don't tell me I don't. I refuse to wear my hair  down since the chop, so I'll live a life of nubby ponytails for the next several months until I can figure out how to unCleopatra my hair.
Anyway, hair grows. Here's my real dilemma: My ponytail has been haunting me.

It's been (I kid you not) sitting on my kitchen counter for the last week. I've been busy and haven't had the time to send it away to Locks of Love. And perhaps my subconscious is putting off finding that...delightful card in my mailbox.
With my deceased ponytail staring at me, one night I googled "sell my hair."

Twenty minutes later I discovered I could make around $200 for my locks.

So now I'm torn. I feel like a terrible person if I don't give my hair away. But hey...200 bucks. That could ease my conscience. Tell me you won't judge me if I don't give my hair to some poor, innocent child suffering a hair loosing disease who really needs my hair.

Or there's Option C -- Save my hair for when I inevitably get cancer and need a wig. Then my wig will be made out of my own hair! How awesome would that be?

Who knew getting a haircut was such a character assessment? I have a feeling my hair is going to be spending a few more weeks in the kitchen until I get this all sorted out.


Rebecca said...

You found a picture of the card! When I filled out my donation form for my hair, they asked if I'd like to receive a thank-you card in the mail or by email. I'm pretty sure they want everyone to choose the email option because it's easier and faster but I specifically chose to get a notice in the mail just to see if they're still using those creepy postcards. In 6-8 weeks I'll let you know the verdict.

I can't believe you can sell hair! Why have we never thought of this? That's it--I'm chopping Brooke and Caroline's hair and selling it. It's about time they started earning their keep.

Kim said...

Funny comment, Rebecca, after another very hilarious blog post by your sister.

Perhaps by now they have found an even creepier way to thank you for your donations.

Based on postcard alone, I vote SELL YOUR HAIR!!! I want to see if that is a legitimate offer and if it is--you benefit from it.

I love your question "Who knew getting a haircut was such a character assessment?"

Would you want to consider moving your hair to some other place like the bathroom until you figure out what you are going to do with it? I don't know if it's just me, but it looks very unappetizing sitting there on the kitchen cabinet!

LC said...

Who is buying hair for 200 bucks!? I mean you do have truly fantastic hair. Sell it!! That postcard will haunt my dreams!!

jill said...

Wigs are hot and they itch. Sell your hair. If you get cancer, I'll teach you all my head-covering tricks. Less-itchy options. ;)

Klarissa said...

I vote sell - how do we know Locks of Love doesn't sell it once you donate it? :) Plus, you worked hard to grow that hair during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. I miss your long hair but you are always gorgeous so Cleopatra or not, you are beautiful!