Saturday, February 02, 2013

Twenty-Five with Hives

Hola. It's me. I've been MIA. I blame my children.

I had a birthday. Shout, "Hooray!" I had to pluck these pictures out among 300, so be prepared to be hit with a lot of Lucky Number 8 posts.

Let me start by confessing to those I love most -- my blog followers -- that I have ventured out of my comfort zone and made another bold fashion statement. You know. Like scarf wearing. These things are big and blog worthy in my book. I bought red pants folks. And I wore said red pants on my b-day because I love them so much. This is what happens when you get called to work with the Young Women I suppose.
I can tell you now because a year has passed, but last year was probably my worst birthday ever. Eli was a pill the whole day. This year was a different story. The kids were angels. Maybe my red pants mesmerized them into cooperation.

Although the kids were good all day, we aren't the type to risk taking them out in public to test their good behavior. No, we prefer our Olive Garden at home where the kids are free to scream their guts out, thank you very much.
What is this? For me? You shouldn't have.
I kid you not, moments before I opened this gift, I had this conversation with Jeff:

Jeff: I'm so sore! I went to the gym today.
Me: I'm jealous you can be sore. I haven't worked out in forever. This snow is killing me.

Fast forward five minutes -- I'm unwrapping a gym membership! My husband can read my mind.
He also got me (and himself) a water bottle. He was a bit more excited about these than I was. Apparently they are super great for protein shakes which I think are disgusting. We don't have any water bottles though, so I'm happy to finally have some!
Next we moved to the kitchen where my mind-reading husband was finishing up some tasty cupcakes.
Twenty Five. 

I put off curtain orders on my birthday evening so I could cuddle up with Jeff and watch our favorite shows together. I got tired really early and kept complaining about being cold. Then the next morning I was hit with a fever. Let me tell you, it knocked me out for three full days. On the morning of day three, I began to grow concerned when I noticed a rash on my feet, knees, elbows and hands.
Of course I immediately thought I had Scarlett Fever. Then I thought I had Pneumonia. Then I thought I had hand, foot and mouth disease. Then when the rash started itching it was self-diagnosed as Shingles.
Fear not. I am alive. The rash eventually faded with my fever, and the only logical explanation I can come up with is that I got a heat rash from having a fever for so long?? Anyone else have any ideas? 

In other body related weirdness, I have recently sprouted sideburns:
Can someone contact Heidi Klum and tell her to send some sideburns down a runway for me so that I don't have to spearhead this cool trend all by myself?

There are certain things people never tell you about having a baby. This is one of them.

Since there is no hope of my hair being cute any time soon, I've been focusing all my energy on making over my house! Being cooped up all winter has me pacing around thinking of all the darling things I need to get done to spruce the place up. Then this little gem arrived on my birthday and now my mind is really racing:

I am not going to do a big reveal until we get everything done (probably in the summer), but I'll give you a little taste of my latest projects. 

I have been DYING to have big, bold, striped curtains. I finally figured out the perfect spot for them -- on our sliding glass door in the kitchen. I love, love, love them! They add a lot of spunk to the room and look a lot better than what was there before.
This curtain was hard to get a cute picture of. I wanted to add a little more color to our living room. The pop of burgundy on the walls did the trick! The curtains have two vertical ruffles going down.
Pinterest helped me give one of my plain vases some personality with a little twine. Love the way this turned out.
I also made a maxi skirt:

And today the boys blessed me with long naps, so I was able to make 12 freezer to crock-pot meals! Reeeeeeally hoping they turn out.
Yaaay for birthdays and projects. More to come!


Rebecca said...

You've been so busy and productive! Love the red pants, love the sideburns, love the freezer meals, and love the curtains! Dallas and I are finally feeling ready to decorate our house (only took six months), but every time I think about buying something I wonder if we should be saving for a future vacation instead...

Anonymous said...

Super mamma!!!!

jlthomas said...

Wow,'ve been busy.

Becky--what will your kids remember more when they are older? A fun-filled time at the first annual family reunion? Or decorations in their house?

jlthomas said...

Sarah you're amazing! I wish I could make the things you make! the curtains, wow, the skirt, holy cow! And freezer to crock pot meals, I think i need now! don't you love a good rhyme? :) and I'm being totally serious too by the way, I'm amazed!

Kim said...

Sorry I wasn't the one to hook you up with Olive Garden for your birthday.

Your hives look awful! Skirt is adorable. Curtains are very cute. I am anxious to see the whole picture of how everything is fitting together in your new decorating scheme.

I'm jealous of your freezer to crock pot meals. Wish I had that set up all ready over here. Better yet, I wish I could eat all the ingredients in your crock pot meals. I'm sure you will love being able to pull them out at a moment's notice.

I love you. Happy birthday (again)!!!!!

LC said...

Red pants!

David and Mary said...

Hey Sarah... I loved your post! You have been a busy girl. Your curtains are awesome! Are you adding them to your ebay store? You should. I bought a pair of green capris at walmart for 2.00 on the clearance rack! I hope they will be cute this summer. They won't be as cute as your RED pants however! I loved them. Keep up with the projects! You are super cool. :)

David and Mary said...

PS... your rash looks a lot like the rash I had when I had shingles!

Eric and Justine said...
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Eric and Justine said...

I love your red pants, maxi skirts, and curtains. You have great style.
I have always wanted to make a mass of meals like that. Did you just follow a Pinterest pin?