Sunday, April 21, 2013

Carson's Colorful Night

Carson had a birthday last week!! I invited my parents and the Golden family over for a little get-together. My plan was to keep it low-key and small. I didn't want to bother with stressing myself out with a big extravagant party as I've done before, but I wanted to celebrate the occasion!
After the invitations were sent out, I got thinking. The more I thought, the more the adorable ideas came to me. Before I knew it, I had Carson posing for pictures on wrapping paper, party hats were being crafted upon and crayons were coming out my ears.
The cake with disgusting frosting. Always choose cream cheese frosting over vanilla. Always. Lesson learned. (Ignore my feet.)
I was reeeeeeeally proud of my food tag things. It's important to label your food at a party. Because sometimes guests are like, "What are those purple and green balls on the kitchen table? Can I eat those?" Then they see the "Grapes" sign and know the balls are edible. Don't want to leave your guests guessing...
Balloons. Everywhere. I regretted all these balloons shortly after I blew them up. So they were quickly banished to the basement. But I think it's fun for the kids to come downstairs to a ton of balloons on the morning of their birthday for an instant celebratory start to their special day.
Carson agreed.
The only time Eli was willing to pose for a picture was here. And he was not the one I needed posing. But I took advantage of the opportunity.
This is the best I got of the little birthday boy.
Warning: The pictures from here on out are basically in no particular order. Feeling a little lazy this evening.

Here's Carson getting ready for his big night.

The boys were adorable and happy and excited for the party. So I took thousands of pictures of them. Here are the ones that made the cut:

Party guests!
Eli trying to sneak some of that ...what does the food tag say?...Oh! Jello!
Brooke seemed to enjoy the array of new toys to play with.

We have this old coffee table that we store out in our garage. I love pulling it out as a kid table to keep those messy kids in the kitchen (or outside when it's warm enough) while the adults conveniently munch somewhere a little quieter.

Carson is in the stage where he always blows on his food. (Is that a stage? Both my kids have done it so I'm making assumptions here.) Anyway, the one time he refused to blow on his food was when there was a birthday candle attached to it. Shucky darn.
For some reason I thought my phone took better pictures than my camera. But that turned out to not be the case. Excuse the blurriness of my phone.
Eating the birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Carson!


Kim said...

"Shucky darn"--my favorite quote from your post.

Two little boys in their striped shirts sitting on the table posing for pictures--so adorable.

The whole party--quite amazingly creative and very colorful with the crayon theme.

The cake with the multi-colored layers--surprisingly unexpected to see when the cake was cut and makes such a cute picture with Carson's little face in the background.

Fun party--yet again! You (and Laurie) should be in the party planning business.

Eric and Justine said...

You are so creative. Just stop already. You are making the rest of us look bad! Jk Jk maybe you can just come to my house and plan my parties for me ;)

Happy bday to Carsen. Gcdts< from Tayvia

LC said...

you are hilarious.
i love the cake. SO cute. the outside and the inside!
your whole theme is so creative, and darling.
love the boys matching shirt pictures. they are handsome.
i love the hilarious comments about your food signs.
you are so funny. and cute. and i love you.
gush over.
happy birthday carsy pants.
also. shucky darn?

Rebecca said...

The party was so fun. Thanks for inviting us.

I love the pictures of Carson and Eli together before the party. So cute!

David and Mary said...

Happy Birthday Carson! The party looked very fun. The shirts looked cute on them.