Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Up All Night

I didn't do too much today other than work on Carson's one-year video. I made one for Eli that I absolutely love, so I knew I had to do the same for Carsy Cars.

It took me roughly 6 hours of listening to pandora/itunes/youtube to figure out what Carson's theme song should be. Then I heard a song by One Direction. Yes. Six hours of research led me to decide on One Direction. It's called "Up All Night" and I knew I had a winner from the title.

Carson is our night owl hoo-ligan (did you catch my pun?). He will forever be the boy who never slept as a baby. Though he sleeps alright now, he is always one to give up a few hours of shut eye for a good time. He's our happy party boy...particularly in the wee hours. Enjoy our almost one-year old (with cameos from our almost three-year old of course)!


Rebecca said...

Your video-editing skills never cease to amaze me. I love seeing Carson in action, and Eli's cameos were hilarious.

LC said...

this is wonderful. i love it!

jill said...

I watched this with my kids this morning. WHY DID YOU NEVER TELL ME YOU HAVE VIDEO SKILLS???? This was wonderful! We laughed and laughed. Your boys are darling and I love learning about all your talents. I love having talented friends.

Kim said...

Absolutely LOVED Eli's beater shots showing up again and again. So funny and right at the exact time in the song.

Carson is adorable. So many great shots of him. He looks like a very active baby.

Well done on the video!!