Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Did He Just Say?...

Eli has started our morning off with a couple of funny quotes. Wanted to hurry and jot them down. Can one jot on the computer? Consider this a jot.

Eli sat down for breakfast. I opened the curtains. He whispered under his breath as he stared at the light coming through, "Bask in the sun."

I had to answer a few emails. Eli came to sit on my lap. He laughed, "Hey! There's a tiny picture of you!" He looked at it for a few seconds then said, "I love pictures of you."

I love pictures of you too, Eli.

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Kim said...

Another great post with lots of laughs. Looks like a very fun trip. I am glad you.were able to have a little family vacation. To-do lists can always be done another day. Why do today what you (or Jeff) can put off until tomorrow?