Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Are Those My Genes?

I've lived the majority of my motherhood life with people shouting in my ear, "Your kids look JUST LIKE your husband!"

I always thought Eli looks like Jeff and Carson looks like me until our last trip to Cedar when we found a picture of 2-year old Jeff that looks *surprise!* just like Carson.

Do I get no credit for birthing these children??

After seeing the resemblance of Carson to Jeff, I took a deeper look at our firstborn. I saw those cheeks. That little nose. Those ears. Those eyes! THOSE CHUBBY FINGERS! I started to realize that baby Eli doesn't look like grown-up Sarah, but baby Eli looks a lot like baby Sarah!

After a little investigation and collage art, I have come to state my case that my children are, in fact, just as much mine as they are Jeff's. Here's the proof:

*Here's my favorite*
Happy Mother's Day! Whether you look like the mother of your children or not. :)


Eric and Justine said...

This has to be my favorite post of all time.

Kim said...

This post is hilarious (as usual)--especially the last two photos. You are so creative.

Your children might pose like you, but they are still the spitting image of Jeff. Maybe the girls will look like you...

Rebecca said...

Uhhhh...when you put your kids' pictures right by your kid just makes me think they look even MORE like Jeff!

LC said...

ha ha. this is the best.
and i see the resemblance.
i always want to do this with my kids. because all i hear is they look just like cade, but izzy looks just like me when i was little (except the whole she's white thing)
miles on the other hand, i'm just giving him to cade.
love you!

jlthomas said...

Oh my goodness. I love this post. Because you seem to judge resemblance like me. If you are in the same position as someone, you MUST resemble them.

When Laurie and I were dating, she had a picture of all of the apostles when they were young and told me to identify them. I was having a really hard time, so then she gave me the Ensign with all their current pictures. I started trying to identify them and Laurie quickly realized that I was doing it based on who was posed most similarly to the younger-days picture. And I wasn't getting any right.

Appropriate to determine that a post about genes is...well...genetic.