Sunday, November 17, 2013

Inman and Her Man

I feel like I need to add Kenz's name to our blog header with how much I've been blogging about there lately. But how could I not blog about the most beautiful wedding of the whole year?

Allow me to set the scene for you. Imagine the most perfect November day your skin has ever felt. Paired with golden leaves and a clear blue sky to feast your eyes upon. All that on top of the gorgeous Salt Lake Temple, and welcome. You have now entered Kenz's wedding day. Dum dum dum duuuuuuum. Dum dum dum duuuuuuuuum. 
Oh look. You made it just in time to see the couple of the hour emerge from the doors of the temple. Dressed in white and looking stunning.

Excuse me and Leslie as we snap some quick selfies while waiting to greet the new couple.
Jeff. Don't think you can escape the rapid fire clicking of my camera.
Someone should warn Kenz that you're at risk of having your toes stepped on once you get a husband...
Aaaaaaaaaaaand we're up! You would have thought I'd watched enough episodes of America's Next Top Model to figure out my hand would look "amputated" (as my sister described it) in all of these pictures. But I've clearly lost my inner supermodel and keen eye for body awareness. Can you work some photoshop magic on me, Tyra?
Ah. It emerged. There is hope for me yet.

Gone again. But our "smizes" make up for it.

Sheesh Kenz. I didn't mean to go all Tyra on your wedding, but I just can't imagine your wedding day without a few Tyra references. Moving on! I have pretty friends.
After the ceremony, we luncheoned with the newlyweds.

And then we made our way to the reception. Where Izzy and Eli attempted to show up Joe and Kenz.
Joe is so sweet with our boys. He and Kenz babysat them one night, and Joe made Eli a paper airplane. It's safe to say he won Eli's heart that night.

Kenz and Joe DIY-ed basically all of the decorations, and it all turned out so beautifully! I was impressed to see Kenz's vision come to life. And Leslie and I conspired to "renew our vows" so that we could have a redo on our receptions now that Pinterest exists.
 Cutting the cake.
 The XO was my favorite.
 Congrats you two!


Rebecca said...

Congratulations to Kenzie and Joe! Kenzie, if you're reading this, I loved going to your reception! You looked beautiful and the reception decorations were adorable.

Kim said...

Of course we know Kenzie is going to read this and see how Sarah chronicled her wedding day. So, I will echo Rebecca's comments by saying Kenzie looked beautiful and the reception decorations were adorable. I love the picture of the back of Kenzie's wedding dress while they are cutting the cake.

There is so much to love about this post beside the fact it was Kenzie and Joe's wedding day. Great coverage and commentary of her special day, Sarah. All you bridesmaids are adorable. Had to laugh about the amputated hand and then it reappearing. All your references to Tyra had me shaking my head and smiling in remembrance back to your obsession with Tyra's show.

Jeff Excell looks so cute in the photos. Another laugh about getting your toes stepped on. If you hadn't made that comment, my eyes would have stopped at your amputated hand and never gone further down to your toes. Cute picture of the two of you.

So glad Kenzie found such a sweet guy. Congrats to her and Joe. Many happy years to come for them and for you and for all of us married couples!!

Kenzman said...

AWwwwwww!! This is adorable! You are the best friend ever! I love you Sar! Thanks for helping to make my day the best ever!

When you get back from cedar you should come over and we can roast smores on our fireplace and drink hot chocolate and let the boys watch planes or something!?