Thursday, August 28, 2014

Did He Just Say...? (Part Two)

I've got funny kid quotes on the brain since I just did a post about them. I thought I'd jot this one down from tonight because it cracked me up:

We were at the park and Eli found a pretty big rock he started lugging around. He came up to me, proudly displaying his treasure and said, "I want to put this in my rock collection."

While trying to figure out where he even learned the word "collection" or how he figured out rocks are a common collector's item, I replied with a laugh, "What rock collection?"

"The one on that white bookshelf in my room." He matter-of-factly answered back.
Confused, I responded, "I've never seen any rocks on your bookshelf."
To which he said, "This is the first one."

Hahahhaha. I died laughing. And no. I didn't let him bring the rock home.


While we're on the subject of funny kids, I have started talking about the new baby a little more with them. Yesterday at dinner, Eli was trying to figure out the logistics of where the baby was exactly. I told him it was in my belly. That didn't seem to make sense to him.

What did make sense, however, was for the baby to be in my chest. So all through dinner, both boys were pointing to my chest saying, "There's a baby in there!" And then they would talk to "the baby" a little higher than where the baby actually is.

I guess until there's more evidence of a bump in my belly, they'll consider the bump on my chest to be a more logical home for their unborn sibling.

Also, Eli said, "Mom, when is the baby going to be here?"
"In March." I answered.
"And then you'll open your mouth and the baby will come out?"
If you say so, Eli.


Laura said...

Kids are so funny! I love the way their little minds work.

The Stevens Family said...

First, Congratulations on baby #3!! That's so exciting! The last 6 months of reading your blog I kept thinking.... isn't it time for another one?? And FINALLY the news was posted and I just grinned reading it. The boys are going to be such good big brothers! I love how they think it's in your chest and coming out of your mouth. LOL! We recently had to explain things to Dawson because he started to ask really specific questions.... He handled it well and still asks to be in the room for the next one... if there is one. :-) I hope you are feeling good and can't wait to read more along the journey of this new baby.

Kim said...

Rock collection, baby in chest, birthing through mouth--they are all priceless child musings.

My favorite though was "If you say so, Eli."