Sunday, August 14, 2016

4 Boys 4 Fun

Once upon a time I agreed to watch my nephew for two weeks. Never mind that it was the week the week before and the week after we were scheduled to move. What's another boy in a house full of boys anyway, right? Right.

Newland fit right in with the rest of 'em!

Carson was so sweet to help Newland put his socks on whenever it was time to leave the house.
And the boys insisted on sitting next to each other on the same side of the table for every meal, snack, or water break. 
Popsicle baths are a given. 
To help break up my first week of babysitting and to have one last hoorah before my parents left for their mission, my dad took the family to Lagoon. Bonus -- Newland insisted on spending the majority of the day with my dad, which made keeping track of 4 little boys at an amusement park a little less daunting. 

Eli's favorite animal is peacocks. He was thrilled to find one and insisted on posing just so with his little pal.

Log ride!

When Newland wasn't attached to my dad, he was attached to Claire. He loved being her ride buddy...
And ever so sweetly put his arm around her whenever they were stuck waiting in lines. 

Eli and Logan shared the same ride interests. They rode Puff on repeat together at least 3 times before we hit Rattlesnake Rapids.

Jeff and I snuck away with the older kids to ride Cannibal.

You know how we do.

We had such a fun day at Lagoon! It was a much needed redemptive trip from our first Lagoon experience of the summer.

We hit the gas station for slurpees on the way home for a quick cool down.

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