Sunday, August 21, 2016

Moving Day!

Before we knew it, moving day was underway. Boxes doubled for great toys throughout the day. 

The boys ensured their safe arrival at the new house by packing themselves up.

We spent a couple weeks with our bed frame packed up leaving us sleeping on just our mattress on the floor, which doubled as the trampoline after we had the trampoline packed up.
We got the house all packed and ready to go with a couple hours to spare before our moving help was scheduled to arrive that evening. In an effort to keep the house packed and ready, I took the boys to the library. 

We crammed ourselves on a 2-seater couch for some stories which was really fun and cute. 

Then we made our way back to the house for the official move. We had already moved over half of our stuff, so I like to think we made it easy on the neighbors who came to help us.

The boys and I were literally sipping lemonade while the men were in the house doing the heavy lifting.
I'm so glad we were able to catch Trev before skipping town. Eli and Trev were the cutest friends and we always loved having him over. One of my favorite memories of Trev with my boys happened on a Sunday afternoon. Trev had just learned how to climb over the fence and had snuck over on Sunday. Both of our families have a no friend rule on Sunday, and all of our kids know this rule, so they were trying to be sneaky after Trev hopped the fence. 

Before too long, all three boys were creeping up the stairs of the deck, trying to quietly make their way in the house. I was more entertained by their shenanigans than anything, so I decided to let the scene play out a little longer. Trev zoomed to a hiding spot in the house while Carson and Eli slowly and suspiciously walked by me and Jeff. 

"Hey boys. What's going on?" I knowingly said to them.
Before I could even finish the sentence, Carson said, "NO ONE!" and they both ran up to their room to join Trev. 
Hahahaha. Silly, silly boys. 
This house will always hold a special place in my heart. Over a month later, and it still doesn't quite feel like it's not ours anymore. 

Our new house welcomed us with cousins, legos, and a few barren rooms that my parents had cleared out for us. 
We had to hurry and move out completely on Friday because Saturday was one of our favorite Utah festivities -- the Hill Air Force Base air show! Abe flew into town for the weekend to give me a little break before week two of babysitting began, and he thought it would be fun to join us for the air show. 

And it would have been fun to go to the air show with a better view than what I saw sitting shotgun in the car. We were stuck in traffic for 2 hours. At least. Just stopped. In traffic. Unexplainably. My sister made it into the general air show area and called me to exclaim there were parking spots everywhere, yet cars were lined up in an hours long traffic jam watching the show from a taunting distance.

We finally decided to park and walk after we figured we were within walking distance and sick of waiting in the car. A 45-minute walk later, we were finally at the air show and made it just in time to see the Thunderbirds. They were awesome, but the kids were not on their "A" game after dealing with the traffic + the heat + the lack of excitement leading up to the Thunderbirds. 

Was it worth it? Yes. But baaaaaaarely. We've got to figure out a better plan for when we try this again in 2 years. 

The best way to bring these three together is with an electronic device they can hide in a corner with.

We were so excited when my parents returned from the MTC on Sunday afternoon so Grandpa could treat the grandkids to one final performance of the popcorn song.

The kids enjoyed a movie while we enjoyed hearing firsthand all about the experiences of the MTC for Mission Presidents in training. 


Rebecca said...

You've just done what I still need to do which is get caught up with blogging! I'm jealous! I love the story of Trev and Carson's, "No one!" Ha! It was fun to relive summer through your recent posts.

Kim said...

The boys in the boxes in the first picture is a good one! Glad you captured in photos the afternoon we got home from the MP Seminar. The popcorn photos are always so great!