Sunday, August 14, 2016

Water and Fire

Before leaving Newland with me, Abe asked, "What are you most excited to do with Newland?" ...or something like that. I quickly replied I was excited to show him our backyard, grass, dirt and bugs! All the stuff he doesn't see as often in the city.
I was right. Newland loved our backyard. Particularly the trampoline and particularly the "eels" he helped Eli and Carson dig up out of the garden.
As the week went on, Newland grew quite fond of all the roly polies he found in our front yard. 
I tried to pack every time I got a free moment, which left the boys happily following me around waiting to see what fun things I'd fish out from the inner depths of the closets. Dominoes was a big win one afternoon. 
Lincoln often helped me with my transcription so I had enough time to pack. 
Puzzles were another afternoon entertainer. 
We met my sister-in-law and my sister at the splash pad one afternoon. Thank goodness for Emma who was the only person Newland would splash around with. 

Carson was out sunbathing and trying to dry off when he got mauled by Madison. Ha! CPR? She proceeded to attack anyone who was laying on a towel trying to catch some rays. It was so funny. 
Carson and Newland enjoyed some time in the afternoon reading books and taking care of baby dolls. I love when little boys show their fatherly side. 

I though it would be so fun to go up to the mountains with the boys for a campfire. Luckily we made it work while Laurie was still in town and Becky's family met us up there as well. It was the perfect summer evening!

Logan got everyone nervous because he saw a sign that said "Bear Country." All the kids were on the lookout for a bear. Logan assured us if we stayed close to the fire we would be safe. I heeded his advice as I share his concern for running into bears in the woods. 

Newland found a roly polie nest in the tree which kept him quite entertained for a while trying to "save them." They were in jail apparently. His gigantic hand scraping into their home was their reassurance of safety. 


Rebecca said...

Ha! I love that Newland was collecting eels. Hilarious! Cute pictures of the cookout day!

Kim said...

LOVED looking at all the grandchildren in this photo. The one of Newland playing Dominoes reminds me so much of Abe when he was that age.