Sunday, March 12, 2017

My Heart Burns For You

One rash decision after another somehow led me to decide to turn the master walk-in closet into new baby's nursery. If you asked me to explain my logic now, I don't think I could tell you, but here we are and we're going with it. 
Here's the 30-week bump. 30 weeks is my favorite pregnancy milestone! It finally feels like you're making some progress. I've been feeling great. Lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, but that's been the case with all my pregnancies, so I'm hoping it's not a sign of another 35-weeker. I am relieved with each week that passes. We're hoping this little guy stays put until at least 38 weeks. 
To pass the time, nesting has taken the form of making sets of 4 matching ties. 
Usually by now I have my hospital bag packed, nursery completely done (there are still some finishing touches I've been putting off), baby clothes washed, and freezer meals stocked. This go-round, I haven't even had time to think about any of that as the three kids I already have are sucking up my nesting energy with unexpected projects like this: 
Those are Perler beads and they have since been banned from our house. Do not gift them to us. Do not bring them if your child comes to visit. Do not utter their name. 

We can give credit for the above incident largely to a little boy who recently turned 2. Swiftly following his birthday came all the expectations of a 2-year-old. We have the messes. The tantrums. The opinions. The sass. Such sass! He is constantly into some kind of trouble these days and he's getting old enough to know he's getting into trouble, but he's still going full force anyway. Though he looks so sweet you'd never suspect it. 
If he's not getting into trouble, he's demanding to be held. He's the one who's stayed a mama's boy the longest. He still chooses me over Jeff. I am often saying to him, "Lincoln, you cannot get any closer to me!" as he demands I not only hold him, but we have as much contact as possible while he's being held. 

I haven't used the baby carrier in about a year, but had to bust it out again to get dinner made a few times this month. I have visions of me in a few months wearing one baby on the front and one in the back. 
And this is how we transcribe on the clingy days. I try to get most of my work done before Lincoln wakes up and while he's down for his nap, but he's been waking up earlier and earlier, so we spend our mornings like this sometimes. Not pictured: His hands on my hands while I type. 
The sun has saved our sanity as it has made a few early appearances. We were grateful for a February day warm enough to jump on the trampoline. 
And go on a walk. 

Our kids are getting old enough to join in the reading part of our scripture reading. 
I made my yearly volunteer effort at the school when I signed up to help with Eli's class Valentine's Day party. It was fun to see all the kids he talks about and make him feel uncomfortable to pose for a picture in front of them. 
Carson spent Valentine's Day drawing "interrupting volcanoes" for people. Volcanoes are currently his love language. He's obsessed with them and assumes you are too. 
I thought I'd add a little flare to Valentine's dinner with some candles. After Lincoln repeatedly tried to touch, blow out, and hit his head on the flames, I remembered why we don't do fun things. 
A hearty meal for V-Day. 
I couldn't wait for #4 to come before testing out the new ties. 

One evening Lincoln was crawling around on the carpet with his forehead on the ground for probably 5 minutes straight. Jeff and I were right there, laughing at him because he was doing whatever he thought he was doing with such dedication.

He suddenly sat up and screamed in pain. We could not figure out what was going on. We gave him a good look over and found nothing, thinking he had majorly overreacted to something.

The next morning, we found an impressive rugburn on his forehead.
That got significantly more impressive as the week went on. When I think of rugburns, I thnk of my older brother torturing me in my younger years. I love that in our house full of boys, our first rugburn was self-inflicted. 
*Matching ties set 2. Pregnant lady there to help you envision 4th tie on 4th boy in T-6ish weeks.*


Kim said...

You are the cutest mom of (almost) four boys. Love how you want to matchy match all of them--even the unborn one. Cute pictures on the stairs. And Eli's expression at school. So funny. Laughed at the "hearty meal for V-Day."

LC said...

You look so good! I love the nursery and the matching ties. We're having a break from perler beads/ satans play things over here too.