Sunday, March 12, 2017

Times My Kids Were Extra Cute

A scene plays out every morning which is: everyone very specifically demands what color bowl they need their cereal in--> what type of cereal to eat --> what cereal box they want to look at (usually different than the one they're eating) and then after everyone is fed and the hangriness is gone, they all make their way over to the fire for a post-breakfast warm up. 

I acknowledge the post-breakfast warm up might be avoided should certain children properly dress for the season, but my morning lectures have done nothing to convince Eli to dress accordingly. Oy vey. 
Carson, Carson, Carson. Everything he draws and/or writes warms the inner chambers of my mommy heart. Here we have his birthday list that he's been diligently working on for the last 2 weeks. On it you will find a "buzz saw," Lego Batman with a robber, "Turning 5 Birthday List," mini-figure of some sort (he had help spelling mini-figure), an emoji thinking about another emoji, "Lego Glowy Robot," two stuffed animals, and a "MineCraft Lego set." The detail! The spelling! The gift preferences! I love it all. 
Carson's gotten really into skeletons. Favorite here is the detail in the hip bone. 
I recently came to the realization that we have started spending a lot more time in the car now that we're getting into the school years and involved in a few after school activities. We used to just listen to the radio, but Carson loves music and I started noticing he was picking up on all the songs we were hearing day after day on the radio, and some of them weren't the best lyrics for little ears. 

I decided to better utilize our car time by buying a few church CDs, and while doing so, I remembered one of my favorite childhood artists: Veggie Tales. I found a great deal on some Veggie Tales CDs and Carson was instantly in love. The minute we're in the car, he's asking me to turn up the music and we've all enjoyed sharing and singing the songs together. 

On the first day I put a CD with primary songs in, Eli said, "I like this music. It's better than the gunky music we were listening to." I was grateful for the inspiration to better utilize our car time as the more uplifting music has made us all happier and provoked adorable pictures like this (again from Carson). 
Here's an astronaut Carson drew. I think I love his artistry because I am so unskilled in drawing that I'm amazed at how well he can already depict his ideas on paper. 
Here's a fire truck and policeman going after a bank robber. All the commotion scared a bird out of the tree. Adorable!
Eli's friend was over one afternoon and Eli was explaining to him how to work the ice dispenser on our fridge. He got to this button and said, "This is the little samples button." His friend fully accepted his explanation and now every friend that comes over refers to crushed ice from our fridge as "little samples."
Our favorite day is the day The Lego Magazine arrives. Everyone is occupied for the whole evening. 
Fear not, we also give The Friend the attention it deserves on the day it arrives. 


Kim said...

Love Carson's drawings. And Eli's inner goodness being able to discern between good music and gunky music. The three boys looking at the Lego Magazine is adorable. Cute little boys!!

LC said...

I love kid art 😍 Those smiley veggies! The skeletons! The spelling! So cute.