Sunday, March 12, 2017

Salt Lake Staycation

Jeff's sister came to visit us over Jeff's birthday so we hit the town. 
We went to The Clark Planetarium which is my new favorite place. Unless we snuck in without paying, like I'm still convinced we may have done, all the exhibits are free! It seemed too good to be true! The kids loved it and we spent a good couple of hours there. 
(Lincoln loved it more than he's letting on.)
We faced one of my biggest parenting anxieties and rode the train while we were in Salt Lake. Let's just say Carson's a little in he swiftly and without warning will dart away from us for no apparent reason, so the thought of willingly standing next to train tracks waiting for a train to arrive with our squirrel-like child nearly gave me hives. But alas, we all survived and Carson was a great listener. Maybe we can venture out into the big city again sometime. 
Post-church Sunday Snapchat Selfies = a must. 
Pre-church Little Lad Lego Lounging equally a must. 
We spent Saturday at a park, killing time until our main event of the day -- going to see Moana at the dollar theater. 

Little did we know the dollar theater would have a 3-block line to see the movie and we'd end up at Boondocks playing laser tag and arcade games instead. We had so much fun doing Plan B I forgot to take a picture. 
I also forgot to take a picture of Jeff on his birthday! It was fun to celebrate with family and to have some company! 

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Kim said...

Cute cousin photos. I especially like the Sunday selfie one. Looks like everyone had fun being together again for a few days.