Friday, October 27, 2017

Fowl Language

Here's the latest haps with the Excell boys. We'll start with the eldest. Eli! Come. On. Doooooowwwwnnnn! 

Eli gets very excited any time his school offers an event for him to participate in. With much eagerness, he hurried us along one morning so we'd be able to stroll this group down the hill on "Walk to School Day." I'm a big supporter of walking. And school. Put them together and this is an activity I can get behind! Until you consider the hill one must walk back up. While pushing 2 babies in a stroller and one kindergartner who, when forced to physically exert himself in any way, has the endurance and temperance of an irritated chicken. He'll strut along, but his feathers are easily ruffled. 

I had a moment of genius the night before our morning walk to take just myself on a little drive down to the school, park the van there, and then walk up the hill without the weight of a double stroller or the aura of an irritated chicken. Then it was smooth sailing after we dropped Eli off and had a quick and easy ride back up the mountain. Boom! Mom win!
The one thing I pride myself in is fixing really great, delicious, generally healthful dinners for my family. A good dinner is my love language. I don't remember what the circumstance was, but for the first time basically ever, I caved and let the kids eat cereal for dinner. The kids who stick up their noses at my lasagna rolls, teriyaki meatballs, and roast beef with mashed potatoes giddily downed their evening bowl of General Mills while Eli announced, "Hey, this is a pretty good dinner, huh Carson?!?" 

Never has one of my made-from-scratch meals gotten such a rave review. 
Oh look! Another school function Eli was a loyal supporter of. His school did a jog-a-thon. Per my description of Carson's interest in forced physical exertion, Carson mostly sat the event out with a few bursts of voluntary speed laps when the urge struck him. Eli went full force! He was a running maniac. They had the kids run/walk as many times around the track as they could for one whole hour. That's a long time to run for a little 7-year-old! He did awesome and it was fun to watch him try something new. 
Our favorite fall outing is to head to the church in the afternoons for some bike riding. Whenever we walk over there I feel like a mother duck herding my little ducklings to their destination. Lots of unexpected bird references going on this post. I hope you'll excuse my fowl language. 
On to the next duckling: Carson!
You know we had to eat Ebelskivers over General Conference weekend. What you don't know is that I made enough last General Conference to stick an extra bag in the freezer and save myself a morning's worth of work this go-round. Mom win again!

Carson saved himself some morning work by taking his dishes over to the sink like so. Because he's "seen people at the restaurant do it."
Carson was amused one morning to discover and point out that Jonah had spit up on me in the shape of Mickey Mouse...while I was wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt.
I bought the boys new boots and Carson decided the 70-degree, shorts and short-sleeves weather was a good time to break them in. Take a little bit of your winter wardrobe, and a little bit of your summer wardrobe, and if my math's right, that makes for the perfect fall fashion!
Speaking of fashion, Carson's interest in clothes is one of my favorite things about him. He loves clothes. He loves getting new clothes. He loves being adventurous with his wardrobe. He has great attention to detail when it comes to what he wears. I was tickled when I walked past his room one afternoon to find he had thoughtfully laid out his outfits for the rest of the school days in the week.
Carson works on a different letter every week and then I get to see cute worksheets with the letter they were working on and then some illustrations of things that start with that letter. I was a little alarmed by the man in the center of his "F" illustrations and cautiously asked Carson what exactly he was trying to portray as it looked a little suspicious. He got a little embarrassed with a big smile like he'd been caught. Then he sheepishly said, "Fart."

That was better than what I thought it was and we both had a good laugh but for different reasons. His other "F" drawings include a flag, football, five, fall, four, fall leaf, and flower.
Carson LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEESSS Halloween. The whole second half of September he relentlessly questioned me about WHEN I was going to decorate for Halloween and WHY did we have to wait until October before spiders, pumpkins, and ghosts could invade our home?!? Well, seeing as I hardly decorate for any holiday, I finally caved while at Target when I found a cute pumpkin decoration to make Carson's Halloween heart happy through what I'm convinced is his favorite month.
This kid! He got sick with a fever this week and spent 2 whole days crashed on the couch. It made me realize how much I appreciate his spontaneous, clever, fun-loving, silly, and endearing personality. He's a hoot! (There I go again!)
We're going to skip to this baby chick:
The brothers have taken to showing Jonah their love by throwing every visible baby toy at him any chance they get. Jonah's always a good sport about it.
We have our 3rd thumb sucker of the family. He still prefers a binky, but if left to his own devices long enough, that thumb eventually finds its way. 
And if it's not a thumb to help pacify the baby, he's not above trying out a big toe or two. 
Baby food-ing is one of my least favorite baby stages. As if getting dinner ready for everyone wasn't enough of a challenge, I now have to spoon feed a little baby a whole different genre of food. And as I'm hurrying along to appease his minuscule appetite, it involves at least 5 attempts of shoving the same spit infused spoonful of sweet potatoes to him because he spits it back out at a much higher rate than he swallows it. Why is this part of life a thing?!? I need a baby food wet nurse. Now accepting applications.
Okay fine, he's cute with a bib on trying to suck down applesauce. I guess we'll just schlop through this part of life together. 
And who do we have here?!?
Yes. Not only is Lincoln sitting in Jonah's chair and hopping right into his bed, he also frequently downs Jonah's baby food leftovers and tries out binkies that have fallen in dark corners.
The kids have been sleeping in which is AWE-SOME! However, this caused Lincoln to insist on taking his breakfast on the go one morning.
Lincoln has mastered the cheesy smile!
Lincoln finally found a good use for a baby brother one afternoon when he was trying to watch a show and needed a pillow. 
The older boys crashed Jonah's 6-month photo shoot.
And then kindly "swaddled" him before running off to play again. 

Jeff and I felt free as birds when we ran off to have a dinner date with friends.

That's how fall's been tweeting us so far.


Rebecca said...

Oh, you and your clever posts! That last line was the perfect ending. Loved all the cute boy pictures and stories.

David and Mary said...

Cute blog post! I love all your adventures with the boys!

Kim said...

The bird references are hilarious! Good thinking on the car in the school parking lot waiting for you the next morning.

Carson's restaurant server dish strategy made me laugh out loud. He's such a character. Also, "...if my math's right, that makes for the perfect fall fashion!" was another laugh moment. But the biggest laugh was the "f" picture he'd drawn and the way you told that story. SO FUNNY!!! I'm still laughing over it.

Cute baby Jonah and the swaddling. Gotta love bigger brothers. "Baby food wet nurse." HA!! Lincoln using Jonah as a pillow. Smart!

Fabulous fall footage about the entertaining Excells. (Maybe footage isn't the correct word, but your commentary and photos play like a movie in my mind.)