Sunday, January 21, 2018

*Almost* Christmas in *Almost* Dixie

We hopped from one set of grandparents over to the next as we drove from California straight to Cedar City to make it in time for David and Mary's first post-mission Christmas Tea & Recital. 

Me: Smile boys!
Boys: Wise men don't smile.
Here's Lincoln breaking stereotypes one smile at a time.

We had to spend some time out in the snow to convince ourselves it was Christmas weekend. This seemed like the best way to do it.
We went to Cafe Rio for lunch where we ran into the man who started it all...our old bishop from the singles ward where Jeff and I met. What a treat for him to get to see the many fruits of his labor in the form of adolescent boys disrupting the dining experience of the large majority of the diners. I can't help it that in my kids' boredom they imagination-ed the floor into hot lava and began jumping from chair to chair and/or table. That had to go unnoticed as we had some reminiscing to do with our marriage's #1 fan.
Kaelynn's always willing to take a baby or two off my hands for me. Jonah is equally as excited about the exchange.
Mary and Jonah being Christmas color buddies.
We had a lovely Christmas Tea & Recital which was underwhelmingly documented. Aka I didn't take a single picture due to above-mentioned baby filling my hands. But to make you feel like you were there, imagine Jeff telling hilarious jokes, me reading a few 3-liner poems, Carson and Eli displaying Mario-themed coloring pages, Jonah being lured into crawling across the room by a cell phone, and Lincoln showcasing his new ability to stay up all day without a nap (translate: he was crashed in bed before the recital portion of the evening even began).
We are so glad we were able to make it to all the Excell Christmas festivities!

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Kim said...

I love the pictures of you and the kids all decked out in nativity attire. What a fun tradition the Excell family has going and glad it has started up again post mission.