Sunday, January 07, 2018

Christmas Time

We just returned a way overdue book at the library titled, "Christmas Time." The whole time we were searching for the book I was mentally criticising its uncreative title because it offered few hints to jog my memory on what the cover of the book looked like.

I'm happy to report we finally found "Christmas Time" yesterday while deep cleaning the house. In honor of our library fines coming to a welcome halt, I have decided to dedicate this post to that book. To Christmas Time. Here, here! 
A few posts back I told you how Carson LOVES Halloween. I have since come to notice Carson just loves ANY holiday! He's just like his Grandma Excell. He loves a reason to have a party and have some fun! As we pulled out our Christmas decorations, Carson began decorating himself faster than we could decorate the tree. Please note there is a snowman ornament in his pocket, with another little ornament attached to the snowman. That's my favorite part.
Once the tree was ornamented, he frantically ran upstairs to change into his "Santa Outfit."
We kept the boys happy through the First Presidency Christmas Devotional with mugs of hot cocoa and a bottomless back of marshmallows. 
To celebrate the first snow of the season, we stayed inside and took a nice, warm bubble bath. 
Jonah is the silliest baby! He has spent the last 2 months PLANKING! He first did this back in November and I sent a video to my mom saying, "We've got a big problem!" Thinking crawling would be happening in the next few days. No. He spent 2 entire months in this position to gear up for the big moment when he would be trained enough to attempt his first crawl. Jeff and I got such a kick out of this because one would assume it's harder to plank than it is to crawl, but Jonah had his mind set on working those baby muscles before gaining his mobility. 
Santa came to Jeff's work!
Jonah provided an entertaining series of pictures: 
He held this face for about 30 seconds trying to keep cool in front of the big guy. 
And then he lost it. 
He's a lot friendlier with his favorite gal pal. 

I hope you, too, found Christmas Time in your house this season. Hint: Check under the couch.


Kim said...

Carson and his decorating--complete with Santa Suit. Love it!!

Rebecca said...

Ooh, that last line was everything I needed in this blog post.