Sunday, February 18, 2018

Jonah 9 + 10 Months

This little face scruncher keeps getting older. 
His 9th month of life was largely spent learning how to theatrically smile for various audiences. Here's what else the last two months have brought the little guy:
  • Crawled right at the 9-month mark.
  • Says "dada," "uh-oh" and a noise that roughly resembles "all done." Still no "mama."
  • Is currently mastering the stairs. He's a pro going up, and a thrill seeker going down -- meaning he purposely falls all the way down the stairs, giggling with each tumble. (We are always there to spot his falls, but we do let him experience assisted falls to try to teach him what not to do. So far our teaching methods have backfired.)
  • He's already trying to switch to one nap a day by regularly boycotting his afternoon naps.
  • He is still unbelievably happy and smiley.
  • We had him sleeping through the night for about two weeks and then he got sick and regressed.
  • He's getting his two top teeth.
  • He loves meat, crackers, applesauce, yogurt bites, broccoli, and tortellini noodles. 
  • If he's fed and rested, he happily roams the house fairly independently.
  • He loves keeping up with his brothers and laughing at all the silly things they do for him. 

We love our Joney Jones!


Kim said...

He is so absolutely adorable!!!

Rebecca said...

Uhhhh, a few of these items have me a little concerned such as "we had him sleeping through the night," and he is "regularly boycotting his afternoon nap." I trust you will get him sleeping like a pro before you traumatize us both in about a month's time...?