Monday, July 12, 2010

Suzy Homemaker

Now that I'm almost officially recovered from having a baby, I've decided it's time to pick up my motherly/wively duties. It started with cleaning the house a couple weeks ago. For those of you who may have wondered how dirty mop water would be after not cleaning the floor for four weeks, here's a picture so you don't have to experience the dirty floors yourself:
A clean kitchen finally gave me the motivation to cook. My mother is a very traditional woman and has always heckled me for not cooking for my husband. While she was helping me after I had Eli, she cooked many meals in my kitchen and assured me I would just LOVE cooking in my new apartment. She then suggested I try recipes from a cook book I got from my bridal shower. Well I took her advice and I have really been enjoying myself. All the meals have turned out really well and I truly have enjoyed feeding my husband. I have to show off the things I've made and mostly prove to my mom that I really have been filling my traditional wife role now that I'm a stay at home mom. The first meal we tried was a ham and noodle dinner.
Then I made some banana bread for a midnight snack while I'm up with Eli. I typically like banana bread, and the chocolate chips made it one of my new favorite treats.
These are shells filled with a tuna salad type thing. I didn't expect Jeff to go for this meal but at the dinner table he said, "I know good food, and THIS is good food."
The shells were served with broccoli cheddar soup. This was super easy to make and really good.
Ah. The beef stew. Oh my heavens. This was a piece of work. Luckily I checked out the recipe for this baby at around 4:00 the day I wanted to make it. I had to cook the meat for an hour and a half before it even went in the oven so I started right away. Then I was busy working on it from 4 until 6. It was really good but I am still debating if it's worth all the work.

And this is what we ate tonight. A couple people in our families have cut back on meat after reading the Word of Wisdom recently. Jeff and I decided to study the Word of Wisdom again and I think I'm going to try to majorly cut back on my meat intake. So this was our first "vegetarian" meal. I thought I'd have a hard time putting together a meal without meat but it was actually not too bad. Jeff made the cabbage salad and I made a cheese lasagna. I'll let you know if our other meatless meals come together so easily.
And I caught a smile from Eli on camera:


jlthomas said...

I love how just glancing through the pictures of this post the dirty mop water picture is set up almost exactly the same as the subsequent yummy food shots--appetizing!

If I know baby smiles like I think I do, I think shortly after that picture you could have taken another one of a not so cute diaper.

Kim said...

Dear Suzy Homemaker,

I am impressed with your cleaning and especially your cooking skills. You have made your mother very happy and by doing so, it sounds like you are making your husband very happy as well. And all that happiness is reflecting on your baby's face. Well done.

Love, MOM

Tricia said...

Haha Sarah he is soooo DANG CUTE! Good work on all the meals too! I truly admire you! I am not the cook in my house. :)