Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Circus is in Town

My, that chain is mighty short. Don't you know? That's the chain my dad made six months ago to count down every last day until my little brother comes home from his mission. The end is finally in sight as Elder Thomas makes his grand entrance back to America this Wednesday! Yahoo!
My brother's family from Nebraska came into town, and today we all gathered together for our traditional Sunday dinner. Even Caroline's doll had a place at the table.

These two are best buds. You think I mean Eli and Emma? Or maybe you think I mean Natalie and Spencer in the background? No, no. Emma has taken a special liking to Jeff and they are darling together!

After Sunday dinner we all caravanned to our house for the grand tour. Eli's room was a big hit.

My dad got busy making the homemade ice-cream. It just wouldn't be a Thomas Family get-together without a heaping batch of homemade ice-cream.

I had also made some apple pies that complemented our delicious ice-cream tradition quite wonderfully. Mmmm. And I'd like to note that just before the picture below was taken, my brother said, "You know, I'm really becoming more and more photogenic." Coulda fooled me.
Almost all the grandkids. Being so cute.

We ended the night with a little croquet.

We're all looking forward to the rest of what's sure to be an exciting week.


Rebecca said...

Way to go on getting this post up so fast!

Did you see it when all the kids had lined up your little stuffed animals around the perimeter of the Rebecca Art Gallery Room? It was so cute.

Fun times and we're just getting started!

Anonymous said...

It's always fun getting together with family. . great pics :)

Laura and Ben said...

Nice beard. It looks like you are having fun.