Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Red, White and Blue

As I was making cinnamon rolls "for my mom" this week, Jeff accused me of finding excuses to make whatever sweets I happen to be craving. Sometimes I hate how well he knows me. I think I've given myself a good excuse to make cinnamon rolls every 4th of July after I made them festive with some red and blue sprinkles. What a great start to the holiday!
It was weird to not be in the city of parades (aka Cedar City) for the 4th of July this year. Luckily we found another parade to satisfy our Independence Day craving.

After the parade we met up with my parents so Jeff and my dad could go golfing, Eli could play with grandma and I could...mow the lawn. 
I have been mowing my parents' lawn this summer to make a little extra money. I had a rocky first month or so between rain, broken machinery, and basically just being a girl, so I had everybody involved in the agreement ready to call it quits. I finally got my mowing ducks in a row and now the lawn has become my canvas! I've enjoyed making designs and hearing the praises of grass well mowed. It really is an art. An art I never envisioned I'd grow so fond of. So mowing the lawn on a holiday wasn't as bad as it sounds. 
Mowing the lawn is especially nice because it usually includes a free meal. Not a bad tip if you ask me.
My parents went to The Stadium of Fire last Saturday. When I found out they didn't have any real plans for the 4th, I decided to give them something fun to do -- watch Eli for the night! When I say night, I mean sleepover and the entire day after that! We kissed our precious baby goodbye, graciously thanked my parents for being so kind and we celebrated our independence! You can read about our date on our dating blog.


Kim said...

Eli looks so cute sitting cross-legged on Jeff's lap. Jeff looks so cute (or should I say handsome...?) posing by the flag. Sarah looks so cute standing in the middle of our freshly-mowed yard. And thanks for the cinnamon rolls. You definitely get your sweet craving from your mother!

Laura and Ben said...

What a fun holiday. I'm glad Jeff got a little time off.

The Stevens Family said...

haha! I love your posts! You did an amazing job mowing the lawn- I think you should try and do your name in their lawn next time! :-) I'm glad you guys had an awesome 4th!