Thursday, July 28, 2011

Siblings Reunited

After two years and several extra weeks, my little brother was finally on his way home from Malyasia. The flight was right on time.
What time, you ask? Eli's nap time. Shucks.
As we were all waiting for Ben to arrive, a different brother surprised us as he made a grand entrance down the escalator. That Abe.
Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

Waiting. Waiting.
At this point, you might be wondering, what is up with those monkeys? Ben was expecting a big ordeal full of color-coordinated shirts, signs, banners and applause. We took it one step further in the form of monkeys. Monkeys roam the streets of Malaysia. So we thought it would make Ben feel a little more at home if we had something familiar to his new Malaysian self greet him at the airport. The kids were fully equipped with monkey stuffed animals and a monkey joke on the front of their shirts to share with the RM.
Waiting. Wrestling Eli. Waiting. Waiting.
My Aunt, Mom and Grandma.
My Uncle and his family.
Jacob. To say he's obsessed with BYU would be an understatement.
This is about the time I was longing for the days when I could set Eli in his carseat for a little catnap.
Happy parents.
Benj wasn't the only missionary coming home. The airport was packed!

The monkey has landed.
As soon as he saw my dad he ran for him and gave him a huge hug. It was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen.

The next three pictures are the "those signs don't make sense" series. Thanks a lot google translate.

Ben. Meet Eli.

He came bearing gifts and souvenirs.

Welcome home Ben!


Kim said...

What a great day! Love the siblings picture. Whoever thought of taking that photo had a great idea. Why didn't someone think of adding the parents to the line-up for another photo?

C&L said...

so great! i love all these pictures.