Thursday, July 07, 2011

Reset Button

You've seen "50 First Dates," right? I just got done resetting my house. Like they do for Drew Barrymore's character in that movie.

Eli has his favorite spots in our house that he must rip apart every day. He must swing one of our pictures every time he goes by it. He must drag the kitchen towel all along the floor. He HAS to lug around a specific frying pan wherever he goes. He can't walk by his bookshelf without throwing the baskets and their contents all about.

So when Eli finally decides to go to sleep for the night, I make my rounds. I track down all his favorite items and return them to their proper places. I straighten the picture frames and gather all the toys caught in the mayhem. I wipe down his high chair for the 1000th time. And all for what?

For the hour I get to see it clean.
And I guess to prevent the disappointment Eli would face if he were to open his favorite cupboard in the morning only to not find his treasured frying pan.
At what point do I need to make a video for him to watch every morning showing him how to reset the house himself?

1 comment:

Kim said...

Funny kid!! Great post. I know how you feel. But, isn't his whole-face smile just worth every minute of it all?