Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh, The Irony

Someone should have told Jeff back when he was willing out garden death wishes that the best way to kill a garden is to throw it in the middle of a wild wind, thunder, rain and lighting storm. A successful death wish earlier in the season would have helped along our garden's inevitable fate.

Our corn died a violent death last night and our tomatoes are barely hanging on. Mother nature couldn't let me get away with my last post.
We were laying in bed when our garden was slashed. Obliviously enjoying the excitement of the thunderstorm as we listened to the rain pound against the window. Until Jeff blurted out, "Oh no! The garden!" We both ran down to the kitchen to stare out our rain-smeared window only to see the faint outline of our fallen cornstalks revealed with each flash of lightning.
We were finally getting attached to our darn veggies and they had to go and pull a stunt like this.
*Moment of silence*
On a happier note, here's the requested picture of the star from my last "Stories of Jeff Excell" post.


Kim said...

It's just not right to laugh at someone's misfortune, but I admit that I did laugh at this unfortunate turn of events.

jlthomas said...

That is the saddest post ever. And I'm really being quite serious.

Not much success on the gardening front for the Thomas family...(last night I spent the whole night weed whacking the area formerly known as our garden).

On a good gardening note, the relief society has requested that I teach them how to pickle cucumbers. Me. Ha! Never thought I'd be instructing on something kind of gardening related.