Friday, August 19, 2011

Slumber Party

Who says you can't have a sleepover when you're old, married and have a baby? Not me. So Leslie trekked up to my house for the evening. And oh what an evening it was.
Kenz joined us for dinner and late night girl talk. She didn't sleep over. And I think by the end of this post she'll see what a smart decision she made.
One of the first things I learned while being Leslie's roommate is to never leave my camera unsupervised around her. Because this happens.

Of course we had to get a photo shoot of Eli and Izzy being darling together. They'll thank us later when they're putting together their wedding video and we have these adorable pictures of their love blossoming. Yes there are a million of these posted. I couldn't stop. And yes I only posted a small portion of the pictures we took of them.

At one point we tried to stage a kiss but they were a little camera shy.
We love pictures. And we love sleepovers. And we love Stadium Way 49.
And we love Kenz's deformed thumb.

And we love when Jeff comes home from work so he can take even more pictures of us.
Here's the part where I'll embarrass myself by posting these pictures. Face masks + Bachelor Pad + Sleeping Babies = Best Slumber Party Ever.
That face mask gave me a close encounter with hives.
When morning came Izzy watched an Eli tantrum unfold. I hope it didn't give her cold feet for the wedding.
I love when husbands work late at the same time so wives can sneak off together. It was fun to have some late night company!


CandL said...

A. I am not old.
B. I love our sleepovers!!!
C. Face mask pictures are the best...
D. Izzy and eli sitting in a tree...

Laura and Ben said...

What a fun time. Sorry about your garden. I hope you get something out of it.

Kim said...

Girls just like to have fun. Looks like you were having some!