Saturday, November 05, 2011

I Lost My Camera

My lack of blogging can be chalked up to our upcoming gender reveal party:
And my camera being forgotten at a family Halloween party:
Where Eli was scared out of his mind by a friendly, bearded leprechaun.
And where ladybugs and zoologists have baby pumpkins.
But luckily I got my camera back when my Mom took me out for her birthday lunch. Don't worry. I generously let her take home the leftover breadsticks as a birthday present.
...the few breadsticks that didn't end up mashed in Eli's mouth.
Eli must have missed the camera, too because he now puts on a show whenever I get it out.
Eli was even happy to see the camera in his face first thing this morning while he was eating his "YOGI" (yogurt).
After he was done eating, he looked out the window at the three inches of snow we got last night and called it bubbles.

Now I just have to keep myself busy until Monday when we find out if more blue or a little pink is in our future. Eek.


Kim said...

Thanks for thinking of having a birthday lunch the day before my birthday. Cute little lunch partner you brought with you. It's funny that Eli has now become a poser for the camera.

CandL said...

Bubbles? Thats so cute. Izzy was pointing at elis picture and yelling happily. We need to see u guys soon.
Cant wait for Monday!
..... Kim, call me after sarah gives you the card!! Haha.