Sunday, November 20, 2011

Winter Survival Plan

I've done a lot of regrouping since my last post. I've accepted the fact that winter happens. And lots of moms survive being crammed in their house with kids. Here is my survival plan:

Step 1: Make a lot of baked goods. Let baby "help" and provide him endless samples.
Step 2: Put your bookworm baby's rocking chair close enough to the books so he can climb up and spend hours pulling books off the shelf to "read." Cherish down time.
Step 3: Open blinds to give the illusion you're outside. Hope that baby continues to use the lock on the window as a handle and never figures out how to actually open it. Supervision required.
Step 4: When all else fails, say, "Car!" and watch your child scurry down the stairs and pound on the door to the garage until you let him escape to his favorite winter playground. (Then watch him make this face when he honks the horn.)
Step 5: Self portraits are always a must when boredom strikes. Even babies can be vain sometimes.
Step 6: The endless bath. Perfect for the hour between dinner and bedtime.
Step 7: Swat baby away from dishwasher. Eli's favorite game. He has learned that if the dishwasher is locked, he can turn the dial to turn it which we come running and he finds that hilarious. If the dishwasher isn't locked, he can open it...allowing him to play with all the knives and grimy dishes. He knows if he turns the dial and it doesn't turn on, he can open it. Any advice? This activity keeps us busy all day long.
Step 8: Visit friends, families and Grandmas.
Step 9: TV. It happens. And it happens a lot more in the winter. Picture not included.
Step 10: End every night with a prayer that the winter season won't last long. Even if it really hasn't even officially begun yet.


Kim said...

This post is hilarious. It does sound and look like you are in for a long winter. Funny dishwasher story!

You could always do lots of blogging. That would keep you occupied during the winter and would keep me entertained as well.

Laura and Ben said...

The dish washer is the bane of every mother's existence!(Bathrooms are up there too, but easier to solve.) Our handle that turns the dish washer on pulls out. So we just pull it out and set it on the counter, then lock it up. It works for the most part.

Ben, Tana, B.A., and Dirk said...

Sounds like you have a sound plan. Another activity I like is going to a play place or a gym and let the boys run like crazy for an hour. Another fun place for them is the toy isle in walmart. I let them play there for a quite a while.

I don't leave dirty dishes in the dishwasher so when they play with dishes I at least know that they are clean. The downside of that is my sink has dirty dishes in it quite often.

David and Mary said...

This post is so cute! Eli is such a darling boy! I am glad he is keeping you busy:) I love the pictures of Eli doing all of his favorite activities! Looking out the window is a good one!