Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sarb Weekend

Some days I wonder why on Earth we turned down the job offer in Arizona. Like, for instance, every day it's cold here in Utah and I'm stuck at home with a baby whose molars are growing in. He acts like that hurts or something.
You can't blame me for having a tiny bit of a breakdown after three weeks of constant screaming which left me overwhelmed at the thought of being cooped up with a crabby, whiny baby through the upcoming winter months.

And don't even remind me that as my body continues to grow at an incredible rate I won't even be able to get my sanity walks every day that make me feel like I have some control over my weight gain.

And then that incredible growing belly reminds me I'll soon have TWO kids and that gets me all sorts of freaked out on the days when Eli's a handful.

I felt doomed.

So doomed that I resorted to giving Eli his binky back, desperate for a few moments to think about just how doomed I was.

Then Jeff got home and the emotions went flying. I blame pregnancy.

It didn't take him long to figure out I needed some time away to regroup. He dubbed the upcoming weekend "Sarb Weekend" and told me he would take care of all things Eli.

Then I cried because that was the most perfect thing he could do for me. And then I started laughing amid my crying which just sounded like I was sobbing uncontrollably so then I had to tell Jeff I was really just laughing and he could laugh, too. But he didn't laugh and I think he understandably became really concerned for a minute that he was married to such a lunatic. Stupid hormones.

He took Monday off work and I got to spend the day doing all of my most favorite things. I slept in. I walked on the treadmill while watching Grey's Anatomy. And then I spent the rest of the day with my Mom.
First stop: Schlotzky's. It's my cure-all. Not to mention, they've added a nice slice of pickle with every sandwich. They must know Schlotzky's is every pregnant woman's biggest craving.
I guess my mom's not pregnant because she wasn't so excited about the pickle portion of her meal. But she was pleased to find they've also added a cookie portion. Mmmmm.
I watched my stomach grow before my eyes. Seriously. I was huge this day.
Then we went to see a movie. A movie with my most favorite actor by the way. Although Owen wasn't quite as quirky as he usually is which was slightly disappointing. Still a good enough movie though.
Luckily my Mom knew about this "weird liberal theater" in the middle of Salt Lake because all the regular theaters were showing less than interesting movies, and even worse, they were Owen Wilsonless.
By 5:00 I felt relaxed and refreshed and I was already anxious to be home again with my boys. Although, it didn't seem like they missed me all that much.

Thanks Jeff for giving me a little time to myself. Thanks Mom for sponsoring my day away. Now let's all pray I make it through all the snow and freezing weather without another breakdown.


Rebecca said...

I really need to move to Salt Lake fast if kidless weekends with lunches and movies are part of the deal!

And I thought I saw a picture with Eli sporting a binky in the last post. I can't believe you caved.

I'm glad you're over your breakdown...for the time being, at least.

Rebecca said...

Oh yeah - cute family picture! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there.. and you are far from huge. I'm glad you had a day to relax :)

Ben, Tana, B.A., and Dirk said...

What a nice day, sounds really fun. It made me want to hang out with my mom.

Kim said...

That is a very cute pickle picture! I'm glad I could be the one to help you chill out. Thanks, Jeff, for giving us both a break that day. A movie in the middle of a weekday is awesome!

Cute autumn picture on your blog.

Laura and Ben said...

So much fun! I am so grateful for good husbands and wonderful mothers!

CandL said...

Izzy and eli are two of a kind.
Im glad you got some schlotzkys and owen.
Love u! I

Eric and Justine said...

Thank goodness for moms! My mom has bailed me out a few times. Bless their hearts!