Monday, January 30, 2012

Family Night

We were never good at doing Family Night as a childless married couple. But now that Eli's joined our family and is getting older, we've been a little better about it.

The first Monday in December we got in the Christmas spirit by drawing festive pictures.
Last week we made Eli's family tree. It's hard to find activities that don't go over a toddler's head. I didn't have high hopes for him understanding genealogy, but he actually loved pointing to whoever we told him to point to and always loves to scribble with a crayon.
Tonight's family home evening went over all of our heads as our activity evolved to throwing Beanie Babies onto the fan. It was deemed the most fun Family Home Evening yet. Appropriate for all ages.
So Mom, when Eli starts chucking things at your fan, just remember he learned it at Family Home Evening.


Kim said...

Love the family tree. Can Eli say "Grandma" perfectly now after that FHE lesson?

Anonymous said...

You guys are the coolest.

CandL said...

so cute. i love the family tree. so creative and fun. i think i will do one.