Sunday, July 01, 2012

Potty Training Part I

That didn't take long. I already have my first potty training story.

I ordered the "Caillou Potty Time" book from Amazon which arrived this week. Just as I had hoped, Eli immediately fell in love with the book and begged for us to read it over and over again to him.

There are a couple of funny parts in the book that make me pause as I'm reading it so I don't burst out in laughter. One of them is when Caillou's dad tells him that going to the bathroom in the toilet eventually helps flowers grow. Weird concept for a toddler to grasp but Eli seems to accept the statement without question.

In addition to the book, we've been talking excitedly about the potty in high pitched voices.

"The potty is so awesome, Eli!"
"Do you want to go potty just like Caillou?"
"Going potty is fun!"

All this talking got Eli very aware of the potty. Yesterday, Jeff was in the bathroom while Eli was sitting on our bed holding this pillow:

Then we had this conversation:
Eli: Pretty flower, Mama.
Me: Yup. That's a pretty flower.
Eli: *Gasp* Daddy's using potty!
Me: Yeah! Daddy's a big boy! He uses the potty!
Eli: Now flowers grow!

Hmmm...Any bets on how long before Eli "helps" the flower on that pillow grow?

Curse you, Caillou.

(P.S. Do you know we have a dating blog? We took a mini break when we had Carson but we're back in action!)


David and Mary said...

That is a funny story! The boys are looking like brothers!

Susan said...

Sarah, I still think you need to be a writer. I LOVE your stories. I laugh out loud, everytime I read them.
Seriously, aside from your mommie calling....take on writing that book. That is your other calling. You are amazing!!!

jlthomas said...

I've had so much fun reading all your posts, dating and non-dating, since we've been back! Love the pictures of the boys in Eli's bed! And love that your dating blog is back!